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  1. I traded in my launch Xb1 for the Elite just before Christmas. As far as the console, I don't see a great deal of difference loading, so, the hybrid hdd is just the bonus. The controller is sweet, the build quality and features are very nice, yes, it's expensive so it better have a higher quality feel. My one real issue is the fact that the base controller charger stations don't work with it, the battery door is different. I've seen a charger station advertised at GameStop, but haven't tried it yet.
  2. It was a fine day, the wife came home early from work and made me a steak for dinner. Thanks again guys.
  3. I have one. I have a couple of 320gb laying around, so I hooked one up. All you do is plug in a 256gb or greater 3.0 usb drive and format it for games.
  4. I side with Pin and Aftr. I can't stand the common core methodology that I've encountered.
  5. ill be on same time tonight 8:30ish est. Maybe Chase will join up?
  6. I have it as well, now I just need to make room to install it :-/ damn small hard drives.
  7. i preordered it for the ps4 forever ago, if the reviews are favorable I'll pick it up.
  8. So far, I've played a couple of psp games and two vita games and both look ok for games that were designed for a 5"ish screen being blown up to 60". The Psp are a little more jagged/pixelated, but they are playable. When I had them both on the same tv I a/b'ed them and the remote play for the PS4 it just looks muted and not as crisp, not a huge deal though. If you're interested in it to play vita/psp games it works ok, I'm not sure how well the vita touch interface works using the DS3. I use a DS4 and it works ok on games I've tried. I'd check out online to make sure games that you're interested in are supported though, a good many aren't. As Pannix said the UI is weak, usable but meh.
  9. I actually set it up right next to my PS4 for tinkering. The direct connect between the PS4 and the PSTV seems ok, the graphics are still noticeably worse. The PSTV doesn't go up to 1080p, so, it's either 1080i or 720p, and it's very noticeable. Anyway, I moved my PSTV to a little better location so I was getting a better signal between them. I had tried it before, but barely had a bar of connection. Mind you, the systems are less than 15' from each other with one wall between them. I will mess with my router and see if I can get the connection better on wired, but both devices hit a 8 port switch before hitting my router and that maybe effecting the connection.
  10. Ok, I decided to tinker with it a bit more since, I have a few Psp/vita games from ps+, plus gamestop gave me a hard time over returning an open console. Oh well, I got it to work in a moderately serviceable state. Graphics are still weak, but lag seems borderline bearable now. I definitely won't be using it for anything lag sensitive though.
  11. I got one today....if remote play is what you're after stay away. I run everything wired and the lag is unbearable. I tried Destiny, forget about it. I had both of my Tv's on while trying to play and it sounded like an echo. Also the picture quality is a lot worse over the network. I can't speak for the other features since the only thing I really cared about was remote play. Now I need to see about returning, or trading it in or something..What a shame, it may have potential but right now it's a total POS.
  12. disrepectful and disgusting, I could only imagine how enraged it would make me had I served.
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