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    This game is so much fun. Definitely more entertaining playing it with friends. So many laughs will result from that lol
  2. Hey Damian. Doing ok. Yes, I apologize for being a ghost here. Really need to participate more. Last few day's I've been seeing what's the hot convos here these days
  3. Long time no see. Sorry I've been a ghost. I hope all my old friends are doing good. Hope to be a daily visitor like the old days. Just wanted to post for those who may remember me. Hello guys
  4. Welcome to Dad's Hideout. Nothing but great people here. Sent from the depths of Hell on Tapatalk
  5. Nice. I nabbed it for $30 the other day on Microsoft store. Wasn't going to even get this game, but being a Star Wars freak, I couldn't pass that price up
  6. I'm hoping to get RB 4 for Christmas
  7. Been doing it for a while now. I have $30 in credit from doing so
  8. I've been very tempted to pick this game up. Heard a lot of negative about it though
  9. I haven't even began to craft anything. I'm probably missing out on a lot. That part of the game is where I wish there was MP. That'd be cool to run a settlement with other people
  10. I've been playing Fallout for hours and I've barely touched the surface. Just so much you can do. It's crazy
  11. I can see Fallout 4 is going to consume me

  12. I have pre-order waiting at Best Buy. Debating on cancelling it....when FO 4 comes out, I may not be playing anything else lol
  13. I picked it up for PS4 for the exclusive content....Haven't had a chance to try it yet.
  14. I have an Xbox One Online Franchise setup for a gaming community I'm a part of. If anyone plays Madden 16 & would like to join, please reply. We're in Week 3 right now
  15. Anybody playing this? I have an EASHL club setup for another community I'm in. If you'd be interested in joining it, let me know. Thanks
  16. I was told at Best Buy today to spend my $$ wisely and buy another X1 or PS4 lol
  17. I have a few questions/concerns I see every system is only 32gb......I sure hope there's a way to extend that, as 32gb is very minuscule....unless the games don't install & the only thing that saves is blocks for the save. I'll assume this is the case as well. Is Wii U a pain in the bum to play vs friends in other states, etc like the Wii & 3DS are or did they improve that? Are the quality of the games good enough to even bother getting this forChristmas as the family console? That's all I can think of right now. Thanks in advance
  18. lmfao. A few of these are definitely my wife
  19. I guess what confuses me is the whole R&D stuff. Which I'll assume has a lot to do with getting weapons, vehicles back to base. I try now, and the chute just breaks lol
  20. I should have reworded that. I don't kill unless I have to. I usually knock them out and send them packing to the Mother base. Which I have no clue what all that's about lol
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