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  1. xBlueshirts102x


    This game is so much fun. Definitely more entertaining playing it with friends. So many laughs will result from that lol
  2. xBlueshirts102x

    Hello my old friends

    Cool. Downloading it now. Thanks buddy
  3. xBlueshirts102x

    Dont ever forget

    So sorry man. I pray for the family and friends involved. I know you and your wife will do just fine explaining this to your son. This is definitely one of those stories that make's you go hug your loved one's immediately.
  4. xBlueshirts102x

    Hello my old friends

    Hey Damian. Doing ok. Yes, I apologize for being a ghost here. Really need to participate more. Last few day's I've been seeing what's the hot convos here these days
  5. xBlueshirts102x

    Hello my old friends

    That's always a good thing
  6. xBlueshirts102x

    Hello my old friends

    Long time no see. Sorry I've been a ghost. I hope all my old friends are doing good. Hope to be a daily visitor like the old days. Just wanted to post for those who may remember me. Hello guys
  7. xBlueshirts102x

    Welcome To Dad's Hideout: Kravitz

    Welcome to Dad's Hideout. Nothing but great people here. Sent from the depths of Hell on Tapatalk
  8. xBlueshirts102x

    Battlefront on sale @ GameStop

    Nice. I nabbed it for $30 the other day on Microsoft store. Wasn't going to even get this game, but being a Star Wars freak, I couldn't pass that price up
  9. xBlueshirts102x

    Tom Clancy's The Division delayed till Q1 2016

    Boooo....this was to be a birthday present for me lol
  10. xBlueshirts102x

    Rockband 4 DLC

    I'm hoping to get RB 4 for Christmas
  11. xBlueshirts102x

    Happy Birthday joey791

    Happy Birthday joey!!!!
  12. xBlueshirts102x

    Try Google Opinion Rewards

    Been doing it for a while now. I have $30 in credit from doing so
  13. xBlueshirts102x

    DHO Official "Rust" Server Now Open

    I've been very tempted to pick this game up. Heard a lot of negative about it though
  14. xBlueshirts102x

    Fallout 4

    I haven't even began to craft anything. I'm probably missing out on a lot. That part of the game is where I wish there was MP. That'd be cool to run a settlement with other people
  15. xBlueshirts102x

    Fallout 4

    I've been playing Fallout for hours and I've barely touched the surface. Just so much you can do. It's crazy