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  1. I just picked up a PS4 and am installing and updating Battlefield V right now. Anyone playing this? Any games I should be on the lookout for?
  2. I've not had any problems with things disappearing out of my bag like the carrots. Definitely a bug. Even without others playing I'm having a good time just grinding out money and levels. I've joined random posses and we've did freeroam missions. But then it's been the same in GTAV too. Just grinding away trying to get elusive virtual currency. I really wish Xbox and PlayStation would allow cross play. Games like this just seem to call for it.
  3. I would like to add my 2cents.... Offline: 1) Do all the side quests before the main quests (if you are shooting for 100%) Some of the side quests are lost if you go to the next chapter. 2) Don't really worry too much about money. In story do one or two treasure hunts and you are good to go for the rest of the game. After that the money just kind of takes care of itself. 3) Study everything... track it... then kill it and skin it. At least one of everything. After that only worry about it if it's 3 stars. What I've learned about Online so far: 1) Your starting horse sucks. And don't worry about trying to find and tame new horses. You can't keep them and they are level locked... meaning you won't find one that's an upgrade to the one you are riding. 2) It is a grind. Hunt everything. 3 star animals get the most money (obviously) but they are hard to get before level 8 when you can unlock the varmint rifle. Best bet is to do the story missions to level up and hunt and turn it into the butcher. 3) Before you get he varmint rifle try lassoing a perfect deer and using your knife for a clean kill. Then drop the deer over your horse and head to a butcher for about $10. 4) After you get the .22 there is a bridge near Rhodes. Just on the other side of that is a place where spoonbills spawn pretty regularly. Go between the butcher in Rhodes and this area killing everything you can find and you can make about $100 bucks in a couple of hours. The carcasses of the birds plus the feathers give you pretty good money. USE THE .22. 5) The griefing is real. It's both a pain in the butt but pretty easy to avoid. It's a huge map. 6) Autolock is nice. Bring up your weapon on an enemy and then aim just a little bit higher and you'll get a headshot which is insta-death. 7) Killing other players and NPCs is mostly a waste of time. You get nothing from other players but 5 xp and a hit to your honor. (Even if they shoot first.) Most of the time NPCs have less than 10cents on them. If you get attacked by an NPC gang then kill them all if you can and loot the bodies. This is where you get the rings and buckles to sell. 8 ) Once you reach level 10 (and every 5 levels after that) go to a post office. You will get a treasure map. Unlike single player the treasure map will give you a yellow area to search and a treasure box will be there somewhere. My first one gave me (I think) .75 of a gold bar and about 100 bucks and maybe a gold ring and some snake oil. 9) Buy carrots for your horse and look for wild carrots. Your horse cores drain really fast online and carrots seem to give you the most bang for the buck. 10) don't sell any big game meat or pork to the butcher. take some time and cook that. Especially if you find the mind and thyme and oregano. They are just as good for refilling your health core as any potion and takes about the same amount of time to use.
  4. Yes. This. Legendary pelts do not disappear. The pelts get sent to the trapper... the parts get sent to the fence. You don't lose legendary animal parts.
  5. I am having so much fun in this game. RDRO dropped today for those with Ultimate Edition slow roll out over the next few days with everyone online by end of week. Need a posse for Xbox!
  6. that is funny because Mafia III is set in "New Orleans" in the late 60s.
  7. I was sitting around yesterday and for some reason I found myself on the Gamestop website. Looking through what deals they had and noticed that the Mafia III Collectors Edition was discounted to 29.99 and the one nearest me had one in stock for the Xbone. Now Mafia III was never really on my gaming radar but 30 bucks for a Collectors Edition caught my eye. So I did a little research to see what people had said about the game and turns out they said it was enjoyable. So I called Gamestop to confirm they had it. The girl who answered the phone asked me to spell it to make sure she was getting the game right. I thought it was a little weird, but maybe I wasn't speaking clearly over the phone.... it happens. She looked it up and said yes they had it but let her check to make sure the computer was correct.... which is why I called. She comes back to the phone and says she found a box but didn't think it was the collectors edition. I thanked her and hung up but I didn't believe her because it didn't sound like she knew what she was talking about. Now the store is only a few minutes away and we needed to go out anyway so we stop in. We look around and sure enough there it was on a random shelf by the Xbone games leaving me to believe that she had it in hand but didn't know what she was looking at. I am really enjoying the game. The controls are a little wonky but nothing horribly game breaking and the story is sucking me in. The soundtrack is... perfect. The CE came with two vinyl records one an original score and one with some classic tracks like Paint it black and all along the watch tower. Now I have to be on the look out for a record player at garage sales. I'm hooked on the game. I know what I'm playing until Red Dead comes out!
  8. Came across these guys on youtube. I cannot stop watching them. Entertaining and informative.
  9. Awesome dude. 5 or 6 people will make an awesome King of the Hill game.
  10. Oh hell yeah. I have a Mixer set up on Xbox.... I think everyone does, but I can definitely stream it to mixer. If everyone is down we can do it again on Saturday same DHO-Time. Same DHO-Channel. I'll set up my Mixer and I think Magma streams through twitch. I'll put a shout out on the DHO facebook page also.
  11. Want to thank Magma, Aftrthought and Jedi Dad for some great times tonight. I might try to make this a monthly thing with different games depending on what the games with gold is.
  12. Man JD really hit the gym then he got his bum kicked it looks like.
  13. Yes that is his voice and man it doesn't go with how he looks.
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