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  1. Yup I get it all the time as well.
  2. I really liked this show so far.
  3. If anyone has not seen season one yet Netflix has it on streaming now. I cant get enough of this show. Its just going to get better.
  4. Any takers at all. Would hate to see this fall apart if we can't get one person.
  5. I started watching Black Butler. My youngest is really into it
  6. I have to say I enjoyed what I played. I usually play Hardcore but found playing Core in the Beta was alright.
  7. Yeah Im waiting for the Beta before I decide if Im getting it but if I do it will be Xbone.
  8. Lie to yourself all you want.......
  9. Just draft Charger players....Then we all will win against you lmao
  10. I just got mine upgraded to 10 a few days ago. After 1 day my store stopped working and I can't figure out how to fix it. Any help for a guy who doesn't know much about computers would be a big help.
  11. The Angriest Man in Brooklyn Anna Paquin
  12. If the actor is Chase Williamson then it has to be John Dies at the End (again). Paul Giamatti
  13. Just now getting ready to watch Fullmetal Alchemist
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