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  1. Yup I get it all the time as well.
  2. I have to say I enjoyed what I played. I usually play Hardcore but found playing Core in the Beta was alright.
  3. Yeah Im waiting for the Beta before I decide if Im getting it but if I do it will be Xbone.
  4. This looks great. Thanks for the hard work Magma.
  5. Those are the ones I have. A Kingdom of Keflings Alan Wake BioShock Infinite Borderlands Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway Cars Civilization Revolution Fable 2 Fallout 3 Trials
  6. Add me on the Xbox bradt32225 if you havent already and I can try and mail you stuff from time to time. And what lvl hide are you looking for?
  7. I got the 2TB My Passport. I put my gamed on that and install app on my internal.
  8. Ok so I know the codes may be gone but I just got my One last week and Forza 5 as well so if codes are still out there I wouldn't mind having one. Just PM me.
  9. I suffer from a muscle disorder and can't walk anymore. I would love to afford something like this to be able to walk again.
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope ya'll have a great day with friends and family.
  11. I got all mine done last month. There were some books she wanted, some TV shows on DVD, and a ring.
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