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    Aftrthought051 reacted to thedakar in Tips for Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall, Part One   
    I love it! I might need to make a new blog section - Gaming with dad or some such - and let you guys go wild with game reviews, game tips and the like!  With all the experience the dads on DHO have, it would be awesome to give it a platform to reach the world!
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    Aftrthought051 got a reaction from thedakar in Fashion Secrets from Dad - Shirt Stays   
    Secret of the Marine Corps. You look really great, but you're not getting laid when you drop trough. You look like an old man with a sock wallet. There's many more techniques though. In the Marine Corps, you wanna actually put folds in the back. Typically around that halfway spot between your side and your spine. One on each side. Overlay the center of the shirt to the outside. Not much, just a little bit. This will give your shirt a tight fit around the front. Then I would take those and wind them to the front of my socks. The front shirt stay was low on the shirt and wind inbetween my legs. Everyone had different tricks and methods though.
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    Aftrthought051 reacted to Grimm65 in DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO   
    Glad to see new life coming back into this community!
    I found Dad's Hide Out just as I was coming off of an ugly divorce, a job layoff, and depression - This community of Dads have been instrumental in getting my life back together again, especially those dads in DHO3 at first and now DHOX in World of Tanks - Just having that group to talk to that have gone through similar issues and being able to have a good laugh does wonders to a guys mental stability. And for never meeting any of you face to face and still making real friendships this is a great community to be in!
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