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  1. Don't forget to get your free games before the end of the month. I know I was forgetting with the holidays.
  2. Nice Pin. I just can't get into online. It's pretty boring to me without friends and most everything I do, gets lost the next time you log in. If you collect all those wild carrots (which I was doing) I was appalled to see the next time I logged in, my bag was empty. It might be a beta and that's why, but it just sucks to me. I'd rather play single player where I know my progress will be kept. Currently finishing out my legendary animals. After that, I'll probably move on if no one on PS is playing online. A shame, but I'm just not feeling it alone.
  3. Here are the free games for subscribers to PS Plus, available starting December 4, 2018. SOMA - PS4 Onrush - PS4 Steredenn - PS3 Steinsgate - PS3 Ironoclasts - PS Vita (and PS4) Papers, Please - PS Vita
  4. Here are the games coming to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers for December 2018. XBOX ONE U.B.E. 2 - 12/1 - 12/31 Never Alone - 12/16 - 1/15 XBOX 360 Dragon Age II - 12/1 - 12/15 Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction - 12/16 - 12/31
  5. Oh yeah, I think I did read that too, but I'm not willing to chance it either. I'm sure you don't get screwed out of it, but I just don't want to have to track it and all again.
  6. I've seen a lot of lists of tips and while some are key, I thought I would do my own because even watching videos of 50 tips for RDR2, they still didn't touch on things I would have. Constantly bond with your horse - this one is discussed in many, but it is pretty key. Click in the left thumbstick about every 5 seconds as you ride around to praise your horse. This will easily increase your bond with him. Feeding him does as well. At twenty five cents a shot, hay is the best meal per bang for your buck for your horse. Wild carrots are a close second since they are free, you just have to find them. And last, don't forget to brush your horse. You will CONSTANTLY see your horse's heart turn red. That is an image of the brush. Your horse is very needy. He needs to be constantly brushed. I make it a habit that whenever I get back on my horse, to brush him before I take off. This helps keep that heart core full as well as quickly improve your bond. If it flies, it dies - killing things is the best way to earn money. Buy the varmint rifle early, and whenever you see a bird in the air, be sure to kill it. Birds are the best because they provide meat to cook, as well as flight feathers which are needed to craft improved arrows and all other manner of upgraded arrows. These arrows are mandatory for many of the challenges should you pursue them, but are also a great addition to your archery game. Birds' feathers can be sold, getting you around 50 cents each, just don't sell the "flight feathers". Killing rabbits and squirrels with the .22 will quickly give you some cash without taking up any space on your horse. Now carcasses will get you more cash at the trapper and butcher, but you have to return to them within a day or two in game or the carcass will rot and then you end up with nothing. A skin is better than nothing, but a carcass will get you more. When I know I'm about to make a trip to the trapper/butcher, then I will keep a carcass. You can store one medium carcass on your horse along with two small animals. I tend to hold onto rabbits since they are plentiful and you can store two of them. I tend to only chase perfect pelts though. You may have to kill an animal at two stars first though to learn its' anatomy, and then you can start getting 3 star perfect pelts provided the animal is healthy enough. Just be aware of that and don't kill yourself outright trying to find a perfect skin/pelt for a newly discovered animal. Try to learn the animals you encounter most and which will get you the perfect pelt. Racoons, badgers, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and all birds are 22. Coyotes and Foxes are your repeater. Big animals such as pig, boar, deer, elk, moose, cougar, ram and bison should be rifle. I like using a scoped rifle, but if you prefer to get in close, the Springfield or Bolt Action Rifle will do the job. I typically use the latter if the animal discovers me and I have to chase them down while on horseback. Beware of cougars - if you dismount and are hunting, but sure you have one rifle that can kill a cougar that ISN'T scoped. A cougar will close distance fast and not even dead-eye can save you. Always have a bow, or Springfield or Bolt with you, or if nothing else the sawed off shotgun in your pistol holster. You will destroy the pelt, but at least you'll live. Save often too. Remember that if you have a legendary pelt or animal on your horse and you die, it is gone. I've reloaded many games just to not lose my legendary animal. Yes, you can re-hunt it, but why bother if you save often. Also be aware that any carcass or pelt that is tied to your horse (the large ones, not the multiple medium animal pelts that look like a blanket on your horse's rump) will fall off if you crash your horse. With all horses seemingly magnetized to crash into trees, this happens often, and in my frustration I just want to hurry up, keep back on my horse and ride away. Don't forget your valuables when you crash before your getaway. Learn how to read a topography map - your minimap is a topography map. I have the benefit of military experience but many might not. So remember that a thick line on that map is showing you a cliff. Many are just thin lines. This shows you a gradual incline or decline in the elevation of the land. But if you see a thick line that looks bigger than the rest, this is showing you a cliff of some kind. Learn to read the map so you can properly navigate the county. This skill will only benefit you as the game progresses. All premium cigarettes have a card - as you play, you will discover cigarette cards lying around. You can also collect cards from premium cigarettes. You will no doubt fill up your satchel though since in the beginning you can only hold 5, and even when you get the final satchel to hold 99, you will quickly fill that up. If you care about finding everything in this game, remember to always drop one premium cigarette when you are at max to pick up that next discovered premium cigarette for the card. Hold right to open up your satchel, hit R1/RB to navigate to the next screen, and then find your cigarettes and simply hold square/X to drop one. Or you could smoke one then and there if you need some deadeye. I often found 2 or 3 premium cigarettes together though and if you do them consecutively, you don't get the benefits, not to mention losing stamina core. Just be aware. *********POSSIBLE SPOILER************ I don't think it is, BUT just to be sure - Stay off the beaten path - this game has a TON to offer those that explore, but you will never find anything if you just stick to the roads. Map your destination, set your waypoint and put those newly acquired topography skills to the test. You will very often be rewarded with a stranger encounter, some oddity like a house or corpse or even loot. Get your guns cleaned at the gunsmith - Gun oil costs over a dollar, but if you get your gun cleaned by the gunsmith in town, it will only run you a few cents. Save your gun oil for unique weapons that you use which the gunsmith will not clean, or when you are in the field for a long time and have no choice. Much cheaper to just let the smith clean it. Fishing is hard - I only just discovered the secret. You DO NOT rotate the right thumbstick as quickly as possible. You just do a smooth, circular motion with the right thumbstick while pulling down on the left thumbstick, let go, pull down, over and over until the fish is in. You make the most progress pulling the fish in with that downward motion and when the fish gets close, you will see it. Fish close to yourself if you can, especially at first to see this, and you will be a pro in no time. You can cycle what you want to pick up with the R1/RB - many times I found myself circling something I wanted to pick up instead of picking up a body or gun. If you watch the lower right corner, you will see bubbles appear when you are over more than 1 object that can be manipulated. Want those coffee grounds, but that stupid stranger's body is on top of it? Just hit R1. I spent the entire game circling to get in just the right spot to pick something up, or tossing bodies further away from collectibles to get everything. Don't be like me. And that's my unique list. The first one is said in other places, but I felt it bared repeating because it is so valuable. Hope this helps if you are new to RDR2. Enjoy.
  7. Sorry, I thought I had posted this, but don't forget to get your free games for the second half of November for Xbox LIVE Gold. Not gonna post the date because if you missed the game for the first half of the month, it's over, so here's what you can get now. Xbox One Battlefield 1 Race The Sun Xbox 360 Dante's Inferno
  8. Secret of the Marine Corps. You look really great, but you're not getting laid when you drop trough. You look like an old man with a sock wallet. There's many more techniques though. In the Marine Corps, you wanna actually put folds in the back. Typically around that halfway spot between your side and your spine. One on each side. Overlay the center of the shirt to the outside. Not much, just a little bit. This will give your shirt a tight fit around the front. Then I would take those and wind them to the front of my socks. The front shirt stay was low on the shirt and wind inbetween my legs. Everyone had different tricks and methods though.
  9. I saw TagBackTV on YouTube stick dynamite to a safe and he tells you how to do it, but rather than watch the video, I tried to just Google it. No one out there discloses how to stick dynamite to a safe or wall, and videos on "how to use dynamite" just show people throwing sticks of dynamite. So if nothing else, this will bring people to DHO. Haha. To stick dynamite, you just have to hit the RT. If you aim in (holding down LT) and hit RT you will throw the dynamite. Now, TagBackTV does say you have to light the dynamite and then stick it, but I'm here to tell you that is not the case. You just have equip dynamite, and then hit RT and Arthur will stick it to the safe. Then just hold Triangle/"Y" for 2 seconds and he will light it. Then run. Be warned, the circle around the triangle/"Y" does not fill up like other tasks, and if you are zoomed in close, you might not see it is lit. Be sure you run after you light it because dynamite doesn't discriminate.
  10. So recently I had the pleasure of chasing down my bandit challenges and had quite the conundrum with the 3rd level to the challenge: rob 4 stores in day. Allow me to share with you what I have already painstakingly realized from three hours of trying this over and over and over again. 1.) You can't save your game after getting one robbery and if something goes wrong, reload. When you reload, you will have robbed the locations previously hit, but it will not have counted towards your challenge. 2.) And the biggest one no one is saying anywhere: THE MERCHANT HAS TO OPEN THE REGISTER!!! Be patient. You are in a rush. The townsfolk are going to yell to get the Sheriff and time is ticking. However, the action button will appear after you initiate the robbery. DO NOT ROB THE REGISTER UNTIL THE MERCHANT OPENS IT, otherwise it will not count towards your challenge. This also means you can't rob the gun store in Valentine because he will always be a hero and attempt to thwart you. So you shoot him, and thus he can't open the register and so it doesn't count. 3.) Don't start a gun fight. If you start killing marshals, your wanted area will increase in size. It will also cause all shops in town to close down the for day instead of just the one you rob. Also avoid hitting people as you ride into town and starting an assault charge or any mayhem really. Gotta be a good guy until it matters. So with these 3 tips in mind, here's the best method. Go to Valentine and save outside of town. Don your mask and rob the doctor first. The reason being is because there is only one way in and out, so he is the toughest to rob. If you fail or trigger a cataclysmic event, reload. Change clothes next can help to reduce people identifying you before you re-enter town, but not completely necessary. Now hit the General Store. There is a side door on the west side of the building. It doesn't matter if you enter or not, but it is the best exit I find. Park your horse near here, run out the side door and start your way to Wallace Station which has a general store. Very easy to hit, in and out. Now proceed to Strawberry to hit your final General Store. This store has a front entrance and back door. Again, doesn't matter which way you enter, but I definitely recommend fleeing out that back door behind the register since your horse will be on the road pointed to flee right out of town. That's it. Follow these tips and avoid doing these robberies over and over again only to check your progress and see that none of your progress has been tracked towards the challenge. Other towns that I have so far discovered are very far apart, heavily populated, and no other towns have all four stores you can rob in one place. I doubt all of them would open the register either. I'm willing to bet all gun shop owners are vigilantes and will not open the register for you though. Best of luck out there, Outlaw.
  11. Why can't we just "unlock" a shader in collection and be done with it. So stupid.
  12. Here are the free games coming to Games with Gold for October. XBOX ONE Overcooked - 10/1 - 10/31 Victor Vran - 10/16 - 11/15 XBOX 360 Stuntman: Ignition - 10/1 - 10/15 Hitman: Blood Money - 10/16 - 10/31
  13. Here are the free games coming in October for PS Plus members. Available 10/2. PS4 Friday the 13th, The Game Laser League PS3 Master Reboot The Bridge (Cross Buy with PS4 and PS Vita) PS VITA Rocketbirds 2: Evolution (Cross Buy with PS4) 2064 Read Only Memories (Cross Buy with PS4)
  14. I've used this app for a week now and I feel like I've made some great strides in learning German. For the record, I only know English. Took two years of Spanish in high school, but I feel like I already know more German in a week. They only ask for 10 minutes a day, or up to 30. I just now scrolled the languages and saw they even have Klingon. Haha. If it is easier to learn more languages after you take on a second one, I would certainly love to speak Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese. I'll see how this works. You can visit the website, or download it on your phone with the app. Duolingo. Check it out. I feel like I'm using my phone for something better now than just playing Marvel Strike Force and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. https://www.duolingo.com/
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