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  1. Aftrthought051

    Destiny - TWAB

    Why can't we just "unlock" a shader in collection and be done with it. So stupid.
  2. Aftrthought051

    Games with Gold October 2018

    Here are the free games coming to Games with Gold for October. XBOX ONE Overcooked - 10/1 - 10/31 Victor Vran - 10/16 - 11/15 XBOX 360 Stuntman: Ignition - 10/1 - 10/15 Hitman: Blood Money - 10/16 - 10/31
  3. Here are the free games coming in October for PS Plus members. Available 10/2. PS4 Friday the 13th, The Game Laser League PS3 Master Reboot The Bridge (Cross Buy with PS4 and PS Vita) PS VITA Rocketbirds 2: Evolution (Cross Buy with PS4) 2064 Read Only Memories (Cross Buy with PS4)
  4. I've used this app for a week now and I feel like I've made some great strides in learning German. For the record, I only know English. Took two years of Spanish in high school, but I feel like I already know more German in a week. They only ask for 10 minutes a day, or up to 30. I just now scrolled the languages and saw they even have Klingon. Haha. If it is easier to learn more languages after you take on a second one, I would certainly love to speak Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese. I'll see how this works. You can visit the website, or download it on your phone with the app. Duolingo. Check it out. I feel like I'm using my phone for something better now than just playing Marvel Strike Force and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. https://www.duolingo.com/
  5. Aftrthought051


    Vent away. Main reason for this site. You have to do a lot of discussion. Maybe research more how to be the dom in a bdsm relationship. I'm sure you will suck at it at first, but that's with anything we do. You never pick something up right away and are awesome at it. No one is. Work on it, and communicate. I'm sure you can please her. That's how I view it with my own wife. No man is going to please her the way I do. I'm sure you feel the same way. Research it. Practice. Talk about what works and what didn't. I'm sure you will find a way to accommodate your wife.
  6. Aftrthought051


    I've seen this too many times and it NEVER works out. The only way this works is if both people want this from the start and it's the basis of the relationship and even then it gets strained and I've never seen it last more than a few years. Your wife has issues. Past issues that were never properly dealt with and she doesn't know how to respond to them. They obviously have been building up and building up, and now she is exploding. The last week of "greatness" is just a make up to you. Something's changed. Something's happened. A woman doesn't just become that way over-night. Is she excited by something she saw or heard or read and is taking it out on you? Is she re-living something that happened with you? Do you want to know? Probably not. It's not important. What's important is how you move on from here. No doubt you love her. She's your wife. But love not returned is a useless gesture. You can't go from a monogamous relationship to a polyamarous one. It's gonna fail. Not now, not later, but trust me, eventually those walls will crumble. Therapy is the way to go. Maybe couple and therapy for her alone. Some way for her to talk and work out what is bottled up inside of her that she is trying to get out, and how to get it out with you. You gotta be strong and put your foot down. At the end of the day, you gotta be a man who stands up for himself and his family. Don't get stepped on.
  7. Aftrthought051

    Honest Trailers - Predator (1987)

    Man, that was epic. I do need to watch it again with my kids. I love the Kevin MacAllister comparison. LMAO.
  8. Aftrthought051

    Should I go PT jobs to switch careers?

    I've never done it, but the trickest part will just be juggling the hours. If you let your employers know that you have another PT job though, they should be able and willing to work with you since it gets them out of FT benefits. If they don't like the idea though (which some may), don't take that job. I'm sure you will end up fired or despising them and them despising you. Good luck though. It'll take some readjusting in your life.
  9. Aftrthought051

    Games with Gold September 2018

    It is after the 15th now, so don't forget to get your two other games: Sega Monster World and Livelock.
  10. Aftrthought051

    Diablo 3 coming to the Switch

    That would be fun to play mobile for sure. The ultimate gear hunting game.
  11. Aftrthought051

    Warframe coming to the Switch

    This a great free game. Heck with Fortnite, this is where I would be at. Warframe is fun, and there is a TON to do. It never ends and it can be addictive to collective all the different types of Warframes.
  12. Right now the premium pass for Battlefield 1 is free till September 18. I know the game is only $6 on Xbox and Playstation right now, so even if you ever think you might own this game, better to get a placeholder on this pass now then miss this great opportunity. $50 value.
  13. Aftrthought051

    Trials Rising Beta

    The beta for the new Trials game, Trials Rising, is this weekend and I have 4 extra codes. They can be used for PS4, Xbox One, or PC if anyone is interested.
  14. Aftrthought051

    I'm a daddy! (AGAIN! LOL)

    Wow. Congratulations.
  15. Aftrthought051

    Mafia III

    I have it. Played it for like 30 minutes or so I think, and then got sucked into other games and never came back. I never played Mafia, but Mafia 2 was a really fun game that I enjoyed and that's why I got it. It was free last month on PS Plus too. I really need to just play it over again, but Destiny and stuff.