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Welcome to Dad's Hideout, the online man cave for dads. We are "dads first, and everything else second". What makes us strong is our common bond of being fathers. Not every day is easy, or a joy, but we come together to help one another out, and make ourselves better through the strength and knowledge of many dads. So pull up a chair and relax, unwind. You are amongst fellow dads here, and we're not here to judge. Only to help one another out as we go along this journey of Fatherhood, together.

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    Need Strv 103-B help

    Kukailimoku50 - Today, 03:36 AM

    Swedish TD's are the epitome of camping TD's. As such, especially because of the siege mode, ambu...

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    Simple Tips To Improve Your Game In Pubs

    Kukailimoku50 - Today, 03:12 AM

    Took me about 13K battles before things like this started to trickle through my thick skull.Lemmi...

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    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    bergsteiger - Today, 01:41 AM

    Hope to see you in game!

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    Movie Editing Software

    bergsteiger - Today, 01:35 AM

    I source all of my video editing tools at www.videohelp.com Oh wow. My head hurts from click...

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    Object 260 getting less exclusive

    bergsteiger - Today, 01:33 AM

    im really not to happy about having to play every line now, i only have 1 arty in my entire garag...


Need Strv 103-B help

16 Aug 2017

Posted by Zephrant in Tips, Tricks, & Advice

So I ended up at 56.5% WR in the UDES 03 (357 games), barely hit 50.4% in the Strv 103-0 (420 games), and am trolling along at 42% so far in the Strv 103-B (42 games). Average of 1396 WN8 according to WotSTats.org (http://www.wotstats....ts/na/zephrant/)


Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Avg damage is 2,217 per game, with 1.14 kills. I'm not sitting back and waiting for shots unless the map lends itself to that. I'm occasionally up and brawling with the heavies (especially when I can use gun depression, like on Westfield). So I'm not only getting late game damage. Love sniping cupolas when I can.


Most games I'm one of the last to die though, so I'm not flaming out early either.


I mostly target weak spots or tanks I can pen (Hate the Maus, E100, etc...) so am not wasting too many shells.


I'm running a huge deficit on cash. Did fine on the UDES, mostly lost money on the 103-0. Lost around 200k last night on the -B, and I almost never use gold shells.


Mostly I'm tired of watching my WR tank, and am looking for help figuring out what I'm doing wrong. I do see people with much higher WR so I know it's possible...


This is my first tier X tank, and can't afford the E5 now, so need to make this one work for a while. Preferably without having to grind premiums just to afford it.

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Simple Tips To Improve Your Game In Pubs

17 Sep 2017

Posted by Blackroan in Tips, Tricks, & Advice

The idea behind this thread is just simple things you can do to improve your game. I am not going to talk about specific tanks or maps. These are just general guidelines for various improvements in pubs. 


Awareness is key.

 ALWAYS know where you are on the map. I have made it muscle memory that every time I blink, my eyes shift down and to the right. Sounds silly, but ask my platoon mates how often I am calling out flankers or sudden arrivals . It only takes a heartbeat and will save you more often then armor. 


Always be aware of how your team is deployed. Unless you are a scout making a simple scouting run, NEVER go to a flank alone. If you space out and are on autopilot at the beginning of a match (I have done it many times) and suddenly realize you are the only one who went that way: STOP ADVANCING. If you can retreat, do so. If it's not likely, find the closest cover and wait. You just became the canary for that flank. (if you don't understand that reference, ask Oneround, he started it :smile2  )


 THE END IS NEAR...  Much of this can be broke down to simple math: 3 of you vs 7 enemies, chances are good you will lose. If you are in a fast tank, try to exit the situation. If you are in a slow tank, dig in as best you can and make them pay as much as possible to take your health. 


Micro play


 Never hold still when brawling unless you are about to shoot and even then snapshot if you can do so reliably. Watch Anfield, Circon, QB or any superunicrum on youtube. They are always rocking back and forth, always moving between shots, even when side-scraping.  the reason for this is you never want to give the enemy an easy shot into your weak spots.  


 Never expose more of your tank then you need to to shoot the FIRST target.  What I mean by that is say you are on a corner, side-scraping, and you are ready to fire, you roll back just far enough to engage the first target you see, fire, roll forward back to original position.  This is obviously situation dependent and you will make your own judgement calls, but it is a good rule to go by against unknowns. (Unknowns are things like the un-spotted JgPz E100 sitting 100 m further back waiting for you to roll out too far.)


 ALWAYS go for the "damaging tracking shot" if possible. Unless you are certain you will kill the opponent, try to damage AND track them at the same time. If you are part of a wolf pack or have a wall of snipers behind you, it may be more beneficial to shoot the track and rake in the assistance damage then pen your one shot before the enemy is wrecked.


Bad Pokes...  If you poke your nose around a corner or over a hill and someone (or someones) tries to shoot it off: DON'T DO IT AGAIN. This is probably the most common mistake I see players make and it is the easiest to prevent. Drop back, go dark (no more than 10 seconds is needed), relocate...it really is that easy.


Use the correct ammo for the job. Don't be afraid to hit the 2 key if you think you need it and don't under estimate the value of a well used HE round. If you have an enemy with very low health hiding around a corner, load HE and shoot the ground directly in front or next to them. 


Macro play


 To Platoon or Not to Platoon?

 Unless you are grinding credits or serious grinding a particular tank with boosters, I recommend platooning. It tends to make the game more enjoyable and you can learn quite a bit from your platoon mates. Ask questions, if you die, watch them play. Play WITH your platoon, I try to match tanks or run something similar to what my platoon mates are running. My experience is heavy platoons and medium platoons seem to have the best chances of affecting the outcome of a game.


 Play the team, not the map. Say you are the only heavy on your team vs the enemies 5 heavies, don't go to "heavy corner/alley" alone and die, instead either go with the mediums and try to push the flank with them or set up somewhere favorable to your tank vs the enemy (example: you are in a lone T-32 vs multiple enemy heavies, don't go to the usual spot. set up further back, hull down, where your campers/tds/arty can help you) try to make the enemy expose themselves to your team to get at you.  



I am sure there are more tips, but these are just some basic helpful hints. 


Luck in battle,

Blackroan of DHO-X

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Movie Editing Software

24 Sep 2017

Posted by bergsteiger in Computers

For some reason Windows Movie Maker has started importing all my videos with super fuzzy quality. Anyone use another video editor out there that is good? I basically just need to cut and paste sections of a video and audio. Nothing super fancy. Any help is appreciated.

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Object 260 getting less exclusive

17 Sep 2017

Posted by Archaic in The Ammo Depot

OK, I am not sure exactly what this all means because in typical WG fashion they have turned it into a crypto-calculus problem, but essentially you are going to get credit for missions completed with honors that will allow you to skip missions, earn girls, and get lots of cool camo.


The best explanation I've seen was on wotlabs:




(when the guy that explains it says hodors he means honors, one of the mods messed with the auto-correct as a joke)

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9.20.1 - Vehicle Rebalance (Death Star is leaving too)

18 Sep 2017

Posted by SGrant7 in The Ammo Depot


British TD & HT changes:



-Gun Depression: -5/12 to -10/12


Conway: New alternative top gun
-DPM: 3,209 to 2,500

-Alpha: 400 to 600

-Pen: 259 to 260

-Gun Depression: -5/10 to -10/10



-Top Speed: 35/12 to 50/15

-Turret Traverse: 12 to 16

-Ammo: 12 to 16

-Gun Depression: -5 to -10


FV215b 183 replacement: ("following the established practice, all owners of the 183b will keep it in their garage as a special vehicle")

No stats, but it's plan is to follow the line of the AT/Tortoise more closely.
What it will look like:




-Alpha: 230 to 280

-Aim time: 1.9s to 2.3s

-Relaod: 7.8s to 6.5s

-Disperssion (100m): 0.32 to 0.34


The HT's getting increases to armor and HP will get nerfs to mobility, maneuverability and sometimes turret traverse speed.


Super Conqueror stats: (FV215b replacement)


And it's confirmed that you get to keep the FV215b if you already had it.


Tier X Light Tank Changes:


AMX 13 105:
-Alpha: 360 to 390


T-100 LT:
-Alpha: 300 (no change)

-DPM: 2,142 to 2,307

-Reload: 8.4s to 7.8s


Reinmetal Panzerwagen:

-Aim Time: 1.9s to 1.6s

-Gun Disperssion (100m): 0.35 (no change)

-Alpha: 360 to 320

-Reload: 10s to 9s


XM551 Sheridan: (105mm Gun)

-Alpha: 360 to 390

-Ammo: 37 to 42


LT/MT American Tank Tree Changes:


A twin to the T71 is being added without the auto loader to separate the auto and non-auto loader lines. The T71 with the auto loader will lead on through the T54E1/T57 line.


The branch without the auto loader will sadly include the M41 Bulldog... with no auto loader. Yes... the auto loading Bulldog will be no more:sad2


Premium Vehicle Buffs:

Type 59:
-Aim Time: 2.9s to 2.3s

-Dispersion during movement decreased by 22%

-Dispersion during hull traverse decreased by 22%

-Dispersion during turret traverse decreased by 25%

-Reload time improved, but no number given


59 Patton:

-Pen: 190 to 212



-Aim Time: 3.4s to 2.9s

-Hull Armor: 50/50/31mm to 100/80/45mm

-Turret Armor: 190/120/60mm to 200/130/60mm (same as Type 59 turret)


Improved armor and slightly boosted its dynamics... no stats given.


New French HT Branch in the development (tier VIII - X)
-More armor

-No auto loaders

-Play more like the AMX M4 49

-Designing from the T110E5



As always, this info comes from the Super Test and is subject to change.

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