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Welcome to Dad's Hideout, the online man cave for dads. We are "dads first, and everything else second". What makes us strong is our common bond of being fathers. Not every day is easy, or a joy, but we come together to help one another out, and make ourselves better through the strength and knowledge of many dads. So pull up a chair and relax, unwind. You are amongst fellow dads here, and we're not here to judge. Only to help one another out as we go along this journey of Fatherhood, together.

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  • Sixman_UpPhoto

    Sixman_Up - Jan 22 2017 04:40 PM

    My apologies to those that have applied and not gotten excepted.  I was NOT anticipating all...

  • TunameltPhoto
    Clan Recruitment

    Tunamelt - Jan 22 2017 01:19 PM

    Hi guys, just wanted to say thank you for my time here. Good luck on the clan buildup. Tuna

  • gpc_4Photo

    gpc_4 - Jan 22 2017 01:06 PM

    Got very lucky during one of my rare attempts at carrier gameplay.

  • gpc_4Photo
    Ahoy! WoWs with grant

    gpc_4 - Jan 22 2017 01:04 PM

    Hey, get this done today for some dragon flags.http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/...

  • gpc_4Photo

    gpc_4 - Jan 22 2017 12:55 PM

    Also, someone should revive the all DHO chat channel since there are multiple clans and certainly...



20 Jan 2017

Posted by Hapa_Fodder in World of Warships

SO I gave up on WG'ing and decided to just burn gold and start a new clan! You HAVE to be in game so I can send you an invite!  SEND ME A REQUEST!

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Ahoy! WoWs with grant

29 Jan 2016

Posted by gpc_4 in World of Warships

After an excruciating long client update I was able to get WoWs going last night and I'm happy to report that it will run suitably on my PC (with incredibly low graphic settings, but whatever, it works). So far it is better then I expected. Obviously all very low tier stuff but it is fun, and the slower pace compared to WoT hasn't bothered me like I expected it would.


I reached level 6 and have purchased the tier II Japanese cruiser and destroyer. The Albany wasn't in port last night but it showed up this morning when I logged in to see if there were weekend specials, so I have one prem ship which I'm assuming is a good thing. I have also completed what I'm guessing are two of the WoWs noob rights of passage.....getting stuck on an island and torpedoing an ally :doh


So far I've found the destroyer and sneaking around with torpedoes to be the most enjoyable. It seems that destroyers are sort of like light tanks in WoT, which means that they are best used by experienced players that know what they are doing and have a strong grasp of gameplay mechanics, i.e. not me. However, I've had some success, including this 3 kill battle which I felt pretty good about. I'm not sure if that is a good score for a tier II destroyer but hitting with 7 torpedoes put a smile on my face.





So hit me up with all your best noob advice; what lines to advance, skills to use, how fast to move up the tiers, so on and so forth.


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What do these mean?

14 Jan 2017

Posted by Arhem in The Ammo Depot

Hey guys!


(I'm back - I was "Palantir" but changed email etc and messed up the PW... so... "Arhem" for now... 


Anyway can anyone tell me what these "stars" are that appear on the match screen?

The don't appear every match or on my name all the time.

Just bugging me.


I use XVM 



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Welcome To Dad's Hideout: JekaPush

22 Jan 2017

Posted by joey791 in Welcome
Hello JekaPush, Welcome to Dad's Hideout. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. You joined on the 22 Jan 2017. Tell us all about yourself here: Don't worry, we aren't like other forums. As dads, we are here to help one another out, not fan flame wars. Thanks for signing up and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Tier VII Saipan... The ship that ruined CV's for me...

05 Jan 2017

Posted by DEWEY_96_ in World of Warships

So, I was hoping to get lucky and pick one of these Saipan's up from the Christmas boxes...




Because that would be about the only damn CV in the tier 6-7 range that I find worth playing anymore.  That ship, in my opinion, is so OP'd that it has eliminated Ranger and Jap CV drivers from that tier.  Even my tier 6 Jap carrier is getting molested by it as I seem to be getting 2 CV/side match-ups.  Yeah, my tier 6/7 planes love going up against tier 9 planes. And then if you add in that most Saipan drivers have the skill for the extra bird per squadron.... I have never had a successful engagement with a Saipan in my Ranger...  Fighter set up, bomber set up, doesn't matter.  My fighters get raped and can't catch their bombers, and my bombers are usually sitting ducks that get mopped up after my fighters are gone.  Only way to challenge it is to sit your planes over cruisers and hope that you can eliminate enough fighters to break through doing that... and then you get to listen to your team complain about the CV driver just sitting over his own ships.  Yeah, you can try to lure them to a side of the map while you take your other planes up the other side, but the tier 9 fighters move so quick that they usually can recover from getting drawn off like that.


I know a few of you have them... and I'm hoping their fun.  That'll probably be my next ship purchase... because until that time, I'm putting CV's away till I either free XP through them to tier 8's or 9's or I have my own Saipan.  I'm tired of the lack of fun those tiers have become.   


Maybe I'll buy back a tier 4 carrier and put my captains in them to build them up until I Free XP past the tier 7's.  

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