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Welcome to Dad's Hideout, the online man cave for dads. We are "dads first, and everything else second". What makes us strong is our common bond of being fathers. Not every day is easy, or a joy, but we come together to help one another out, and make ourselves better through the strength and knowledge of many dads. So pull up a chair and relax, unwind. You are amongst fellow dads here, and we're not here to judge. Only to help one another out as we go along this journey of Fatherhood, together.

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    9.18 Matchmaker (BEWARE: Math ahead...)

    OlTanker - Today, 09:19 AM

    I have stopped playing tier 8 including my premium tanks because of being bottom tier all the tim...

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    That thing looks like a blast to drive. I like how you bounced the FV4005 at the very beginning b...

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    Hey. I'm Justin, aircraft mechanic with a stay at home wife and two kids, a boy and a girl. Mostl...


9.18 Matchmaker (BEWARE: Math ahead...)

Yesterday, 11:27 AM

Posted by SlyGambit in The Ammo Depot



Someone has been churning numbers.It appears that there is a significant statistical basis demonstrating that Tier 8 heavy (and likely medium) tanks are at a severe disadvantage in the 9.18 MM.This data is just recording non-platoon battles but shows that less than 10% of the time the tank is top tier in 2/3 tier battles (he ignores same tier battles where you have 15xT8s). 



Both the original and the current analysis show that matchmaker in 9.18 can produce very skewed results, at least for some players. There are several implications of this. First of all, a matchmaker treating some classes differently is straight out not fair from the game balance perspective. Every player should have equal opportunities, regardless of the class they play. Second, it would seem that many owners of premium tier 8 HT got shafted in 9.18. Since real money was paid for these tanks, it is essential that WG makes sure these vehicles are fairly treated in the new matchmaker. Third, tier 8 HT, premium or not, should have fair matchmaking, that puts them at top tier the appropriate amount. WG should fix any mechanisms that discriminate them. Fourth, it may be a good time to play tier 8 TDs, if you want to dominate lower tiers


What's more the possibility of a T8 TD, as opposed to a T8 HT, is significantly better to get top tier in battles. 


I've got a bad case of confirmation bias in that I have not been doing any information gathering but know that it is incredibly rare for my STA-1 (current T8 grind) to be top tier in a T8 game.I see my Wz132 more frequently top tier and saw my T28 top tier more frequently before I completed that grind.So I'm of the opinion that MTs and HTs both have lousy T8 MM.


Free XP past the tier if your grinding.If you're running tanks for credits try T8 prem TDs, preferred MM T7s, T6/5s.They will be much more lucrative.

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Light Tank Game Play

05 Jan 2017

Posted by Blackroan in Tips, Tricks, & Advice

Light tanks seem to be the class most of us struggle with. You're often bottom tier. You have no armor. You have a weaker gun. I consider myself a competent light tank driver and I think I could "learn ya" some things. I will try to keep this thread active with current games to see if it helps. If nothing else you will learn some spotting locations you might not have known about. Please help by posting your own light tank games, good games and games you want opinions on. There are some good light tankers in these clans, time to spread some knowledge. 


These are games I had just this morning:









  1,038 Views · 58 Replies ( Last reply by Cpl_Maida )


Tank Destroyer Game Play

21 Feb 2017

Posted by Blackroan in Tips, Tricks, & Advice

T67 Ace in tier VII match top xp/2nd on dmg




the T67 is the best scout/td/medium at tier 5 :2thumbs

  749 Views · 38 Replies ( Last reply by Blackroan )


Uninstalled, but will be back.

22 Apr 2017

Posted by Hepius in The Ammo Depot

This is not a rage quit. In fact, things are going pretty well in my personal World of Tanks. Just made some personal milestones (in game) and I also (oddly enough) like the latest patch.


I uninstalled because I have next to no self control when it comes to video games. It's bad enough that I need to uninstall to prevent myself from playing "just one more game." And "I'll just play two games" often turns into two hours. 


I need to finish writing my (overdue) fourth novel. WoT is getting in the way. Uninstalling is the only way to get it out of the way again.


I figure I'll be back in three months. Go ahead and drop me from the DHO4 rolls if you need the space. I can re-apply when I come back. 


See you soon,



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23 May 2017

Posted by ThatRandomJanitor in Hobbies

Well since moving to the new place I've been debating on some small garden plans. Not wanting to go into tomatoes, peppers, etc. for this year my mind is dead set on strawberries. It don't look like the backyard has ever had anything in it asides the decorative flower beds. I'd like to mix the varieties so I'll have berries all during the growing season. Any suggestions? I'm in SE Iowa.

  38 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by Laspher )

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