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Welcome to Dad's Hideout, the online man cave for dads. We are "dads first, and everything else second". What makes us strong is our common bond of being fathers. Not every day is easy, or a joy, but we come together to help one another out, and make ourselves better through the strength and knowledge of many dads. So pull up a chair and relax, unwind. You are amongst fellow dads here, and we're not here to judge. Only to help one another out as we go along this journey of Fatherhood, together.

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  • HarpoMarxistPhoto
    Making Progress at last.

    HarpoMarxist - May 28 2016 01:32 AM

    Best way to fight in a city in a T29 is to avoid a city in a T29. If you can get hull down on a r...

  • HarpoMarxistPhoto
    Rudy crew question

    HarpoMarxist - May 28 2016 01:11 AM

    So just bought a Rudy. Plan on using it to help train my Russian mediums. Probably not going to w...

  • FredMertzPhoto

    FredMertz - May 28 2016 01:04 AM

    Clean installs not coming in clean! Got a ticket reply where they sent me a test program to check...

  • The_DadPhoto
    What's Yer Grind - Summer '16 Edition

    The_Dad - May 28 2016 12:16 AM

    Primary:  Obj 140/T-62A - grind T-54 (* The Main Focus *) T110E5 - at M103  Second...

  • Crawdad59Photo
    What's Yer Grind - Summer '16 Edition

    Crawdad59 - May 28 2016 12:12 AM

    Japanese mediums working on the type 61 on to the stb Czech working toward the tier 9-10 "No m...


Making Progress at last.

06 May 2016

Posted by DiePanzerGeist in The Ammo Depot

Its been a long slow climb out of the hole I dug myself into early on...rushing up tiers, stunning heroics, etc...but I'm finally clawing my way up...


Private at [DHO6]
WN8 544
Win Rate 47.44%
Recent WN8 480
Recent WR 47.24%
WN Rank 158673
...now on to Yellow.

  361 Views · 24 Replies ( Last reply by HarpoMarxist )


Rudy crew question

28 May 2016

Posted by HarpoMarxist in The Ammo Depot

So just bought a Rudy. Plan on using it to help train my Russian mediums. Probably not going to worry about the crew in my A-43 but my T-44 has a crew that's about 80% into their first skills/perks. Should I go ahead and just dump them and retrain the Rudy crew for the T-44, or just keep that crew in there for now, and retrain the Rudy crew for the T-54 when I *finally* unlock that tank?

  0 Views · 0 Replies



28 Mar 2016

Posted by gpc_4 in The Ammo Depot

The updates seem to be much more spaced out in 2016, wouldn't expect 9.15 until early May.


HD models, including the popular T67 and 13 90.





Also, not sure if this will be for 9.15 but WG is working on better garage filter options...sort tanks by tier, what an amazing idea.



  2,211 Views · 132 Replies ( Last reply by FredMertz )


What's Yer Grind - Summer '16 Edition

27 May 2016

Posted by Cpl_Maida in The Ammo Depot

I think I make this thread every 6 months or so.  What are you grinding?  The fact that we get our beloved Arctic Circle type CW back is extremely motivating.



1. TVP (at tier VIII)

2. 430 (at tier VIII)

3. 53/55 (I am on the fast track to becoming X's arty specialist).  (about 70k away)

4. 113 (just because) (about 5k away from the 111 1-4)

5. E50M (not started yet)

6. Apparently I'll be grinding some Swedish clone of the other 9 tier X meds I have this summer. (tank doesn't exist yet)

7. Grille 15 because missions (not started yet)

  54 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by The_Dad )


No Man's Sky

04 Mar 2016

Posted by davebrubek (ColonelSandals) in General Console Gaming Discussion

No Man's Sky is finally available for pre-order as of yesterday. I put down on the Limited Edition at gamestop. I would have gotten it from amazon to get the prime discount but they didn't have the LE version.

  128 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by happyfunball )

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