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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to a bunch of swell guys, a few "ok" guys, a couple of buttheads in particular! They may want mommy when they are feeling ill, but it is us they come to when it is broke. They may want mommy when they are feeling tired, but it is us they come to they want a piggy back ride. They may want mommy most of the time, but it us they call out for when the monsters come. All we can do is stand tall, stand firm and try to be the man they think we are. Happy Father's Day, be proud, you are a Dad.
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    I love writing. Writing is a definite passion of mine. I have a few publications I am quite proud of, ranging from “Letters to the Editor” in my college newspaper to a full e-book. My niche is generally in the realm of military veterans and their transition into civilian life; resumes, work, life, benefits, and so on. I am also a career, benefits, and life coach which leads me to do a lot of research and writing for my clients. I am now proud to be a writer on dadshideout.com’s new blog, “The Good, The Dad, and The Ugly,” so all my experience is finally being put to good use! With having typed hundreds of thousands of words (Have I typed a million words?) for business and pleasure, I have a pretty well established writing technique. I figured I would run through some of the things I do and use so you might be able to pick up and integrate something to make your writing easier! This first post will be about equipment - the physical stuff I hold or use when writing. I will explore software, environment, and other aspects in later posts. I want to stress that this is MY stuff that I like. You should not go and buy anything because I say so! You might not like my style or techniques. Still, it can be useful, as you can see if I have good ideas and then you can try them out to see what works best for you! So, on to writing equipment! The Old School When you want to talk equipment, any craftsman or artist worth their salt is gonna tell you - start with the basics, start with the foundations, start with the time-proven! In this case, we are talking good old fashioned “pen and paper.” I have two types of notebooks - the “carry with you anywhere” pocket version and the “writing at a table” size version. You also need a pen (or pencil). The trick with these is you need to train yourself to carry the pocket version like your wallet, keys, and cell phone. You need to have it with you when an idea strikes. I am certain that I will not remember my random “good ideas” and by writing them down I have a chance of developing them later. The table size version is for those time when I get tired of digital work or if using a digital device is not an option. Watching a show with the wife, going to one of my kids' friends birthday parties… It should be large enough for some serious writing or to make thought webs, sketches, and so on. For a writing implement, I prefer a pen. They are more durable in my pocket and less likely to be “useless” when I need them. I could spend an hour or more walking up and down the pen aisles at the local craft store, admiring and testing pens, looking for the perfect fell on paper, the perfect fit in my hand. Sometimes, though, you go with your tried and true. From my time as a combat civil engineer, I became partial to “write anywhere” pens, specifically Fisher Brand; pocket version and normal size. They write at any angle, and back when I was doing field work they are paired beautifully with the “Rite in the Rain” brand Notebooks I used. Honestly, I have considered having a “Rite in the Rain” Notebook and Fisher Pen in my shower! What, I get the best ideas in the shower, don’t you? I also use Bic pens (cheap, plentiful, easy to write with, no worries if they get lost of “borrowed”), so I am not a total pen snob! My buddy likes the thick lead mechanical pencils - whatever floats your boat! Notebooks are like pens, there are hundreds of types and you need to find what feels best to you. For the pocket version, I find that quality matters. With it being in a pocket and getting shuffled about day after day a cheap notebook is gonna disintegrate on you. Then again, when I started I used the bargain bin small spiral bound notebook with 30-50 pages. I happen to like “Moleskine” brand 3.5 x 5.5 Inch Ruled notebooks. There are plenty of other similar styles too. I have used these super thin notebooks by TWONE - they only have 30 sheets, but don’t take up any room at all. That makes them easy to carry around all the time. I have a tall single fold wallet and these will fit almost completely inside. For my “table size” version I go simple - 8x10.5 spiral bound notebook. These take far less of a beating, so I don’t spend much time or thought on these. I went with the tried and true once again. I go with a spiral bound 100-page notebook. It got me through high school, it got me through college, and I did all my research papers with these things, so why change what works? I like the larger size when I am bringing a backpack, a case or when working at home. I prefer the spiral style so I can fold it completely if I need the space, or if I am writing on my lap while on the couch! The New School I love my Microsoft Surface 3. It is my primary tool for whenever I am working on a writing project, to include “The Good, the Dad, and The Ugly.” While the keyboard on my desktop is a little more comfortable for long sessions of writing, the Surface 3 holds the role as the “inspiration” and “first draft” tool. Once I tap out those first few hundred (or thousand) words, I take the data to my desktop for edits and polishing. Why start on the Surface? I love the portability of it, I can run the same software between the Surface and my desktop, and most importantly, the keyboard cover. The keyboard cover? Yes, the keyboard cover. The feel of the keys as you depress them and the staccato clicks as you type are delightful. The damn thing is 5mm thick but it more enjoyable to type on them most laptops I have owned! It is enjoyable to work on, and that is important. If it isn’t enjoyable, you won’t do it or long if you have a choice… The software interchangeability is nice, allowing me to work on the same software that I use on the desktop. This makes the workflow more streamlined; I don't have to spend time copy and pasting between systems and such. I transfer data between Surface and Desktop with a 64gb thumb-drive. I tried to use Microsoft OneDrive, but I found that taking the thumb-drive between computers worked better for me than making sure everything was synced up. If I am in a rush, I grab the thumb-drive; no need to turn on a computer, log on to the internet, and then sync. I use the thumb drive as a removable hard drive - save and load from it. If you are going to do work between multiple digital platforms, as I do, getting a system in place for transferring and tracking files is critical. Finally, the portability of the Surface makes the interchangeability useful. It is about the same size as a tablet. I have a case on mine to increase its durability - still comes in about half an inch thick. Battery life is great - way better than my laptop. I get 4-6 hours of full video playback off a full charge, and I can type for 8 plus hours on reasonable brightness. The Surface 3 charges using a micro USB, so I can use the same charger as my phone if I need to. I can boot it up really fast - sub 20 seconds - which means I can turn it off completely to save battery. All this adds up to a relatively powerful, very portable, enjoyable to use writing tool. You could also use a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard or a regular laptop. I used my laptop previously, but I have found being able to bring the Surface with me to more places is more useful than being able to do more varied tasks on the laptop. When the workflow progresses beyond words and basic editing, I step up my game to something more robust. The Workhorse When all is said and done, I have way more equipment than I need. You could do everything on the Surface 3 and call it a day - I have and do from time to time. Still, when I am handling multiple projects, research, or online learning/teaching I need my dual monitor desktop. I became spoiled by multiple monitor setups during my time in the Air Force working as a Geo-spacial Engineer. The ability to put the main program on one screen and source material on the second was a godsend. No more alt-tabbing or manually clicking between views. When writing, I find the same is true - dual monitors allow more information to be up at the same time and reduce time spent flipping through windows. The desktop also has the power to do full editing of audio, video, and much more. It has sufficient storage to keep everything centralized, but I have a backup drive… just in case! The best seat in my house (other than my recliner!) is my office desk chair which makes long sessions far more comfortable. I also have a keyboard I love and a speaker setup that allows me to play background music to keep my mind from getting too distracted by outside noise. Always Evolving I have been using this equipment setup for about the last year and a half. Before I purchased the Surface 3 (second hand, I might add. Save your money where you can, right, dads?) I used a laptop from college. It was a 2013 model but it did everything I needed for writing, and it could even run a second monitor! When I used the laptop my setup was two things; paper notebooks and the laptop. Now that I have a more workspace, the current setup rewards me with better overall results by splitting the laptop into two different machines better suited for particular purposes. The Surface fills the portability and “drafting” niche while the desktop fills the editing and finishing niche. I am sure over time my equipment will change again. I know that I need to add in a camera to my equipment, as taking my own high-quality images for use on the blogs is something I would like to do. Right now I get by using my cell phone, but that will only go so far. Still, why spend money on perfect, when good enough will do? So there you have it. The equipment I use to get the words from my head to your eyes. I will be following this up with the software I use and then the process I use to bring it all together. If you have equipment that you use when writing and would like to chime in, comment below! I would love to hear what you use to get those words on the page; I might even borrow some of your good ideas!
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    Bradt3225 has passed

    It is with heavy heart and deep regret that I have to post this here, but our fellow dad, Bradt3225, has passed away. Bradt has been with us since the very beginning at DHO, coming over from Daddyplace, and while he wasn't always super active in the community, I know that he gamed many nights with fellow dads and was even an honorary admin here. Bradt loved the escape of video games and the connection it gave to many of us whom never would have met or even known Bradt without that outlet. He was a great dad, a wonderful friend and a kindred spirit. I hope his next respawn is in a fantastic new world. He is survived by his two daughters. Please always remember Bradt.
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    #1: 177514557196516 #2: WOWSFACEBOOKUNITED
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    Similar to the Italian Marathon, there will be another marathon coming for 2 weeks in Sept where you can earn the new Premium Tier VIII British Heavy Tank (and/or possibly earn a discount towards it). WG mention in a previous video that the missions would be easier this time than they were for the Italian Marathon. More details will be coming in another video and article in the near future. Once I have that info, I'll be posting it here.
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    Update. My old gaming laptop has something mechanically wrong with the hard drive that will cost $800 to fix. No go. There is a happy ending. Our brother dad Juggernaut took pity on me. He gifted me a gaming laptop that he was no longer using. You know what? It is a little better than my old broken one. So a huge thank you to Juggernaut, one of our many wonderful dads.
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    Milestone of Sorts

    Have the same amount of wins as defeats. Now to work on the 92 draws. Lordy it takes a lot of battles to come back from early frequent mistakes. 😁
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    DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO

    Have you ever heard of "The Red Queen Hypothesis"? It states that organisms must constantly adapt and evolve in order to simply survive. This theory has been applied to areas beyond biology - business, exercise, education to name a few. It also applies to dadshideout.com and other online communities. Remember "MySpace"? When you fail to adapt to the changing conditions, you don't just stop expanding, you actually shrink until you die. It seems no one can avoid the Red Queen - DHO is no different. Unless DHO adapts to changing conditions and evolves to be a better organization, DHO will follow in the steps of Myspace. Changing of the Guard In July of this year (2018), there was a huge change here at dadshideout.com. You may not have noticed it, but the custodianship of the website changed hands. With the changing of the guard came new views and new ideas. It also came with a realization. If dadshideout.com continued on its current course, the site would be dead in a year. So come along with “The Good, The Dad, and The Ugly” as we take a look at the past, the present and the future of DHO. The current custodians are @thedakar and @xJediDadx . They are the current Head Administrators for dadshideout.com and the DHO Discord Server. Previously, @Aftrthought051 and @MagmaFlow were the lead administrators with @joey791 and @Pinmonkey001 being invaluable supporters of DHO with other administrative duties such as TeamSpeak. This team has been in place since the inception of DHO and had done a fantastic job of keeping DHO and open and welcome place for dads. Yet, 8 years after the doors of the current forum opened to its first members, the original admin team was feeling the pressure. The passion was there, but the time to devote to DHO was, understandably, waning. Action was needed. The call for volunteers went out in June of 2018. Who was willing to take the responsibility of keeping the "lights on" and be the new Admins of DHO? The responsibility is a big one. Since October of 2010, there have been over 2300 dads that have joined the ranks of DHO. Tens of thousands of posts have been written in the forums. Dozens of clans have been created with “dadshideout” or “DHO” in their titles. DHO is more than a website - it is an entire online ecosystem. It goes far beyond a gaming clan; it is a place for dads to find advice, receive mentorship, and commiserate with other dads about being a dad. With the bat signal lit, xjedidadx and thedakar threw their hats into the ring. The council of admin dads conferred - who would be the chosen ones? After much deliberation, it was decided that thedakar and xJediDadX were to be given the honor and privilege of being the new administrators. Shortly thereafter, the accounts were transferred, the passwords given, and the keys handed over. With that, DHO had two new Dads at the helm. So there you go. All done, right? Hardly. Something Rotten in The State of Denmark One of the first things thedakar did was play around with all the options on the forum and found the holy grail of number nerds - analytics software. Analytics is the computational analysis of data or statistics aka: math that tells you things. The good news is that the math came as pictures (graphs). The bad news is that the math pictures were not saying good things: DHO Member Activity is Down: The volume of posts is down: Messages between Members is down: New Membership is down: In short, DHO was dying. DHO, by all metrics, has been shrinking from its peak in 2015, but the current trend was sobering. If the rate of decline continued, the site would be a ghost town within a year. With no one around, there would be no reason to spend the money keeping the site open and the legacy of DHO would disappear. So the new admins declared that something had to be done and change was coming! The old admins wished them luck and hoped for the best. The old admin team had tried to reverse the decline, so let's be clear that they are in no way to blame. Some of the long time DHO members shrugged their internet shoulders and said, “it has been tried before - good luck.” The reactions were rather lackluster - measured at best. The admins were volunteers, the decline had been happening for a long time, and what could be done on a non-existent budget, anyway? The odds seemed stacked against success. The Council of Elrond In August, thedakar put out the call to form a team of DHO members. Armed with his graphs showing the declining metrics, thedakar sought to get the experience and diversity needed to look at the problem, present solutions and debate the way ahead. The team would be made of long time DHO members, more recent dads, gamer dads, non-gamer dads, and dads of all ages. A dozen of dads raised their hands and offered to take part. The team was formed to tackle the problem. The idea was simple - figure out how to revitalize DHO. The answers were far more complicated. This will be a multi-part series where we walk you through the DHO Revitalization discussion, the lessons learned AND ( most importantly ) look for your feedback on the way ahead! Stay tuned to “The Good, The Dad, and The Ugly,” to learn more about DHO and its way ahead.
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    DHO-X Clan Wars Info

    Clan wars season 10 runs from September 24 to December 4. DHO-X will play 3 nights a week, Tues, Thurs, and Sat at 10 et. See discord for battle announcements. Scheduling Battles Tanks to Grind Players Guide Strategy Basics Map Strategies
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    DHO-X Nostalgia

    We ran into TEXAS a couple of times tonight and one guy was very vocal in displaying his displeasure with us. We were getting called out for mods and what not after we beat them in Tier VIII skirmishes twice, once 10-0. So I dug this up from 2014. Enjoy.
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    Creating this as a new post, may try to go back and edit this so that all the information is in a single post not in replies below. For those reading this for the first time, we have an Alliance for Dads, and a separate channel on the Discord server for daily chats. IF you get a Captain America offer for 100 shards and want to spend that money it is probably the best start for a minimum amount of $. Now for those starting the game and wanting recommendations: 1) Spend power cores on energy refreshes, don't worry about refreshing nodes or stores 2) Characters to pursue: Wolverine is good as a starting character, you get 5 shards a day just for completing the daily tasks. Figure out if you want to go for any of characters that I will call 'event' characters - if that is what you want to pursue, that is going to set your priorities. Avoid minion characters as much as you can early on, focus on heroes and villains. Currently Star Lord, Iron Man, and Fury are all event characters, Guardians/Ravagers, Shield, and Kree Minions respectively are required to unlock them respectively (require all teams at a given star level to complete the level, characters unlock at 5*) 3)Mercenaries are necessary for the Payday event. Deadpool if his raids come around works, Bullseye and Korath, are currently the other villains you can use. Merc Riot Guard is easy to get from stores. Picking up another 1-2 of the minions will get you into that event for credits fairly quickly. 4) Hand characters - Catalyst events. Hand characters are used in the Catalyst flash event, so you probably again want a basic team at 3? stars or so just to get some additional resources when the event hits. However unless you luck out with Nobu, only Elektra is a villain and not a minion. 5) City Heroes (Defenders and Punisher?) new event coming, for ability materials. Defenders just got a re-work, so they may be a viable Blitz and Raid team as well. Other characters have been available through flash events (Storm, Rocket, Ms Marvel), so have a wide roster with decent power (10-12k power characters) can benefit you for those events. Starting teams: Villains: Yondu (Heroes 1-9), Hand Sorceress (Heroes 2-9), Bullseye (Heroes 2-6), Crossbones (Blitz store, Villains 4-9), Nebula (Heroes 4-9) or Elektra (Heroes 3-9) Heroes: Punisher (Heroes 1-6), Wolverine (daily objectives), Gamora (Blitz store), Quake (Arena store), Night Nurse (Shield Medic Heroes 2-3 until Villains 3-9), Drax/Luke Cage for a tank Arena: Gamora/Quake/Yondu/Crossbones and a fifth work well to start. Blitz: Try to grab a synergy team as soon as you can, but Arena team will work okay. Youtube is your friend for Blitz strategies to maximize your points Raid teams: Raid teams likely will start out being your arena team, with a healer in place of character #5. This is where Night Nurse shines. Participation in the raid means you get rewards, the amount of damage you do will set which rewards you get. If you get started early, raid currency might be best spent on raid character orbs, to increase the number of characters you have unlocked, while the blue/purple gear orbs build up your stash of gear. After a certain point you will want to stop buying the raid character orbs to grab specific gear pieces out of the store (Advanced Phosphates in my case) Currently I am running Ms Marvel and 4 Hero Brawlers (Gamora, Wolverine, Deadpool, Spiderman) as my primary raid team. There are other teams that you can find, you want some healing to minimize the use of raid packs, and maximum synergy. Other things to be added as I think of them. Other MSF players probably have several different options. Ayle
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    Rules and stuff: Each dad can "enter" 3 times - be a Patreon SUpporter, use the forum, use Discord! A dad can only win one of the cards - if they draw two, they choose which they want and the other will be redrawn. If a winning dad declines the gift card, the money will be saved for the next event (to be in OCTOBER! WOOT WOOT!) rather than be redrawn. Winners will be announced to the Forum once all have been drawn, contacted and accepted. If drawn, the winner will be contacted by forum, discord and email (as applicable) and will have 7 days from date of contact to respond or prize will be redrawn. If second winner is unable to be reached, the money will be saved for the next event rather than be redrawn. Good luck!
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    What Are the Odds?

    Man, you play long enough, it feels like deja vu on a lot of these topics. I don't play arty often, mostly just for missions, but I think there is more skill to it than meets the eye. Mostly in positioning? I realize as little as I play, I spend more time repositioning and wishing I knew "the spots" to be able to support a flank than firing shots off. So to XVM. Hell yes I target high XVM guys, is there anyone who doesn't? Why is this even a question worth doing analysis on??? Since the invention of warfare, taking out an opponents strength is such an embedded strategy I don't know why people act surprised. So of course all things being equal we're going to target the high XVM guy. You don't need an excuse (more XP) for winning, it's about WINNING. Okay, but take the best shot and not worry about XVM. You know who is usually in the most important positions??? The high XVM guys. Do you know which demographic uses XVM (and cares about their stats) the most? The best players/high XVM guys. You know who the most toxic players tend to be? The self-esteemed-challenged basement dwellers who equate their tank skills with being someone in life, who have played their way to high XVM. Who do I like dropping bombs on the most? High XVM whiners with the ultimate WoT humble-brag, which I'm sure I've mentioned before: "Oh, whoa is me, I'm so good everyone targets me. I'm so good. I'm really very good, check out my XVM stats. Oh, why do they use my XVM stats to target me, it's such a drag on my night when people target me because I'm so good. Sure, I live and breath XVM, but I get mad when people can see how good I am with XVM and target me with arty. I wish arty wasn't in the game, it drags down gameplay, but I can't change the game so I'll just try to peer pressure everyone else who uses an in-game mechanic to try to get them to stop using it. Did I mention how good I am???????????????"
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    I don't normally post on here but I was proud of this game and I wasn't top exp on the team.
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    A How to Discord video will be coming out in about 2-3 weeks. Once everything has been finalized here and on Discord. Don't worry, I got the Discord noobs covered. 😄
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    The Dads are back in town,,,,,,sort of. Magma, Christian and I are going to start up the podcast again with the occasional drop in from Jeremy. BUT this podcast will be rated R. NSFW/K. We also won't follow a script. Going to a more organic conversation of what is going on with us, the world, who knows. Just going to let the conversation take us to where it may. I'll post a link and all when we first get it recorded, but wanted to let everyone (that cares) know that it is coming back in a new way. Prepare yourself for: DADS UNGROUNDED
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    Another good Game in Abruzzi
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    DHO "Status of the Boards" Poll

    My only mild disappointment is how the advent of Discord fractionalizes our communications. Some prefer having conversations on Discord. Some (like me) prefer having conversations on the website. A member can miss conversations that are not on his preferred platform. Personally, I don't think that the benefit of instantaneous communication outweighs the drawback of fractionalization of our communications. Therefore, I am not a fan of Discord. But I am probably one of the small minority of dinosaurs still walking the earth. It's no big deal.
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    Her New Hours...Need Advice

    I would add also that you may want to look at it from her perspective. While she may not be making as much as you, you need to make sure to respect that she is working as well and maybe celebrate/congratulate her for this promotion. Support and understanding is important given she's also putting in her share of time so I'd suggest trying not to just focus on the financial side of it, but rather looking for a solution that works for both of you. Regarding child care, the folks above have some good ideas. Sometimes you need to work outside of the norm to figure something out. Relax, find a plan that makes you feel comfortable (and I'd suggest isn't knocking on your SOs promotion). Been there myself when my kids were younger and I had to figure out childcare for them while I was working (their mom has pretty much been absent most of their lives and is now permanently so for the last 4+ years). You're fortunate that there are 2 of you, so I'd suggest you talk it over and work together to find a good/safe plan for the kids. Just my 2 cents from my own experience. Good luck and I hope it works out well for you both.
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    I just wanted to say Thank You to the Dads who took their time to drop down to tier 5 & help a seal like me grind my Omaha. I had tons of fun last Sunday afternoon divisioning with a6ordy, Koudai68, Gary_Doucett, & Velakos. I know there were a few others that were dropping with us too. Thank you all for the great advice on how things in WoWs work, play suggestions (LB, get the Hell out of there!) and advice on buying a first premium ship. I did pick up the De Grasse so looking forward to operations this Sunday afternoon (assuming my wife has to work). Thank you all again for your help and also to Hapa for being so welcoming a couple weeks ago. Truly a great bunch of guys and a great clan! -LB
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    My first Solo Warrior:
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    A political post

    Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy coming to DHO-related activity and its “politics free” zones. Maybe the smartest thing the organizers did... banning politics. A hideout indeed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ranked Battles Season 1

    Rank 15.
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    A few purple takeaways

    Last night was obviously “Help A Juggernaut” night... I platooned with a purple player from a big clan for about 10 games or so. With Comms and everything. Like a big boy. We have a whole bunch of really good players in DHO, who also toon with really good players, and everyone can watch purple dudes on YouTube, but thought I would share a few, probably not stunningly insightful, impressions nonetheless. - Holy aggressiveness Batman. I am pretty aggressive, too aggressive for my skill level, but he was always ahead of me. Some of that was me being in a supporting role the whole time, a lot of it wasn’t. - It was interesting to play a platoon that way. Literally everything I did was an effort to support what he was doing. Perhaps that is just me finally realizing what being a good platoon mate means... and of course playing with someone who is way better than me means doing something else would be fairly dumb. - No surprise, but he was very quick to recognize overmatch situations... like within 15 seconds of comp being visible. This of course allows for more aggressiveness than the average bird - He did have bad games of course. Even a zero damage game. But was a wrecking ball in almost all of the other games - He got focused, but we were never without support... which again, allows for more aggressiveness. Supports my general impression that “purple following” advantage outweighs “xvm sniped” disadvantage - I think Sly said this somewhere along the way, but he too said “let’s do 9s until we get tired of not being able to dictate the course of the game”. That only took 3 games ;) - He was a younger fella. No old man reflex disadvantage. Stupid Father Time. TL;DR if you get a chance to platoon with players significantly better than you, in DHO or not, go full support mode... you will learn things. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk