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    I passionately hate this map. People play it like morons and it is very simple...made a handy guide for y'all. It's that freaking easy!
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    Homeschooling - The Stay at Home Dad Solution When you hear someone say, "We're Homeschooling our child," what images go through your head? For me it was kids running around in homespun clothes, eating organic oatmeal out of hand-carved bowls. But upon further inspection, I realized homeschooling is an option that fit our situation perfectly for our family, and we didn’t have to learn how to operate a loom or anything! A little background on me first. I was 56 when I left the workforce consisting of 3 different careers (Military, Restaurant Management, and Radio Production) and my wife became a Nurse Practitioner. Our daughter was entering the 2nd Grade in a school system that was below average on many levels. Good friends of ours were homeschooling their 4 kids and showed us how simple it is to get started. I have the temperament and patience to be a teacher (I had often thought of becoming one) and now I had the time to do it! Requirements to Legally Homeschool In many states there are just a few rules or guidelines, this site is a good source to learn about your state. : https://hslda.org/content/laws/ In my state, Tennessee, the main requirements are 4 hours a day for 180 days a year. More on that in a minute. Most states require that you become a member of some sort of umbrella organization that reports attendance and grades to your local school board. These can vary from stand-alone organizations to church groups and the like. For a nominal fee, membership allows you to obtain the next step: Curriculum. Sounds daunting, but really simple, "curriculum" is what your child will be studying. There is a plethora of curriculums available from Kindergarten to High School provided by your umbrella organization, or from numerous agencies and companies. A quick Google search will give you a good start. I chose Veritas Press for most of the subjects I teach; Math, English, and Spelling. How does it Work? Now that on itself is simple to follow, but the real joy, and source of so much flexibility, is the 4 hours a day/180 days a year requirement. It can be any four hours, consecutively, broken up, at any time. Is your child into sports? Practice and games count towards those four hours. Shopping with the kiddos at Walmart? Have them add up the total, guess what, that counts! Go to Sunday school?...that counts too! There is soo much we do that can count towards the school day. It's the flexibility that has proven to be the so gratifying as a parent. You don't need school uniforms, I call our school PJ Academy because that's our school uniform, there are no In-Service days, you can pick your vacations and time off. No need for Doctors notes and there are no fundraising candy, wrapping paper or lawn chairs to sell!! And the very best part of it all? Spending quality time with your kids! There is nothing so rewarding than to see an alien concept (Math or Adjectives) being understood by your child!! You can decide what and how your child is taught. You are in control. Is that to say you can skip math altogether, teach Zorastic Fundamentalism instead of science… No. Keep in mind that as long as you stay at or above the minimum requirements for the state, you good to go. Working with your umbrella organization will get you started in the right direction. Details, Details, Details In future articles, I will discuss the issues brought up by the naysayers...OOhhh your child will never be socialized....What about standardized tests?.... What about team sports? I will happily cover those topics soon! All in good time, all in good time.
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    Addresses. When is the last time you thought about your address? How about all you addresses for the last 3 years? Five years? TEN YEARS? I have. Especially in the last few hours... the background check I am filling out wants every address I have lived at for the last 10 years AND someone who can verify that I lived there. Luckily, I have a folder. A very special folder. A folder that contains all the little tidbits of my pasts lives that I don't keep i my head any more. It's my "Occasionally Super High Important Tidbits" Folder. Yep, the "OSHIT" Folder. Aptly named as I have regularly face-palmed myself and said this aloud when trying to recall the information form memory. So why talk about this? Here I sit - 3 hours into filling out a background check for a potential "government" job - and I realize, "Damn, I'm lucky to have my OSHIT Folder." Without it I would be calling my mom and family, looking through old emails, or find old post to remember every address of the last ten years. And then I remember that my dad never taught me this - I learned this on my own... Professionally, I do occasional client work as a Life and Career Coach as a part time "side hustle." I used to teach transitioning skills professionally, but that opportunity has moved on, and so have I. The information and skills a received in that area are really valuable, and you see just how little people know about "looking for work." Its not their fault - looking for work is usually not something we think about as needing to have a skill in as we (hopefully) don't need to look to often. And when we do look for work, we go with "age old, tried and true wisdom" so we are all set, right? What could go wrong? Well, lots, and not being told to have an OSHIT folder is one of the many things I now coach clients on regularly. Things I wish I Knew This information (addresses over the last ten, or even twenty, years) is the sort of thing you don't know you need! One of best things about being a dad is passing on lessons you have learned to the next generation. In that simple act, you give a jump start to that person, helping get them to the next level. No amount of "now, listen your old man" can replace going out and doing things on your own and learning the lessons for yourself, there are many ways to reduce time wasted and stress encountered if you only listed. The folder is useful for more than just work applications. If you want to rent, take out a mortgage, or any number of other "big" life events, the information in the folder can be invaluable and save you lots of time and stress. Not to mention awkward phone calls asking your sister when her wedding date was - the one I missed because I was overseas and couldn't attend that she still holds against me... just a little... (Yah, I needed that info for my background check and I cringed! It asked for her name(s) and when she changed her name I needed the date. FML ) What's in the Box, er, Folder? So what's in the folder? Tidbits; little bits of knowledge that i have learned might be important to have in the future but are generally hard to remember and/or will be hard to find later. A perfect example is "previous home & mailing addresses." What can/should go in YOUR folder? Address going back to Age 18 bonus points if you have landlord contact info or someone NOT a family member that can verify you lived there. Employers/Companies Physical Company Address Phone Number & Email Positions Held Title & Dates bonus points for a description of what you did Supervisors of each Position Name Phone number & Email References - Keep these up to date! Friends/Coworkers going back at least 10 years Addresses, Phone numbers & Emails Car Registrations Type/Model, VIN & License Plate #s Credit Card Accounts / Loans Account # When you Opened it & Closed Accounts Personal Phone Numbers bonus points for when you had them Family Information Mom, Dad, Siblings, Children Dates of Birth, Places of Birth, and contact info This is not a huge amount in terms of words, maybe a few pages, but the wealth of the information is huge. I also realize that the information may go out of date - specifically contact information, phone numbers and emails. In short, don't stress too much. Write down what it was at the time and update it if you know it changes. In most cases people like to see you have the information to put in the spots, and if it is a background check, they will use what is accurate to do the check. Its not your fault things change. Just make sure your references are people you still talk to... Because the size of this stuff is rather small my folder is actually a digital, not a physical, document. I email my self a copy each time I add something and I save a copy on my computers and back up drive (when I remember to do so...) so worse case is I might lose the most recent information (the easiest information to recollect, thankfully) so not a big deal. Start Now - Keep it Up to Date I use Microsoft OneNote to organize my OSHIT Folder, along with many other bits of information. It syncs between my computers, tablets, and phone. You can password protect sensitive information on OneNote, so that's a huge plus. If you aren't sure, just keep a paper copy in you safe and in an actual folder. Okay, now it's your turn! Do you have an OSHIT Folder? Do you thin its a good idea? What advice would you give that I missed? Comment below!
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    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    That thing moves so fast. I thought Dez had the video speed up initially.
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    Dad's Advice - Addresses & Other Tidbits

    Love the name of the folder! I've been there enough times too! Getting a background check for a Secret Clearance job can really make you say OSHIT far too many times. I wish I had one back then. My Secret Clearance expires in another 4 years and I'll be needing all this information again to re-new. I generally keep most of this information, but not all in one spot. I'll certainly be looking at condensing that down now. Thanks for the pointers!
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    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    XP requirements..... Panhard AMD 178B = 32 030 exp. Hotchkiss EBR = 61,800 exp. Panhard AML Lynx 6 × 6 = 104 400 exp. Panhard EBR 90 = 191 800 exp. Panhard EBR 105 = 230,000 exp.

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