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    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Howdy all, New dad here looking for an invite. My wife and I just had our first about 9 weeks ago (its a boy!) so not a lot of time for games right now. That said, I've been trying to get in a few games of tanks in the early morning hours when everyone else is still asleep. I'm a fairly new tanker. My account was made in 2013 but I didn't get sucked in until about a year ago. I set the game aside again for a few months but its slowly pulling me back in. My in-game name is Crooked_105. I don't have any Tier X tanks yet but I have two Tier IXs (E50 and E75). I mostly stick to Tiers VII and VIII. Currently loving the T44. I'm competitive but still learning and mostly looking for social interaction and some platooning opportunities. My online gaming life has centered around EVE online primarily but I have set that aside for the long term. I've also played around with CSGO and a number of RTS and turn-based strategy games like Civ VI and Stellaris. I'm a big baseball fan so I have OOTP19 also. IRL, I'm a Historian for a large government bureaucracy 😉. I'm also a Navy vet who likes a good whisky or beer. Cheers!
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    WoT DHO Consolidation

    I seemed to have missed the elections on this? Congrats to Jugg, and the best to The_Dad. I hope this is "Change We Can Believe In" and "Make DHO Great Again"! Annoying question will come latter. Ill give them a chance to settle in and then, when they least expect it. Ill pounce!
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    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hi Rufus, sounds like your a good match for DHOriginal. Invite sent <😊 Welcome abord!
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    Tbh there is no excuse we should be treated the same as all the other servers , to take this away from people that invest a lot of time and money into the game is a joke. " Yeah thanks for the money and all but cause you play on this server you don't get these perks " it's the same game!! Honestly I'm very disappointed , they want to take this away from us yet keep Frontline as it is which is clearly dividing the community and according to the majority a tedious stupid grind with which you must sell your soul . To drop this news during this period of Frontline where people are clearly unsatisfied is not smart wargaming NA
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    P26/40 DERP 9 Kill Draw heartbreaker

    Fun battle. Just wished I had started to the cap sooner. 20190507_1729_italy-It07_P26_40_01_karelia.wotreplay
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    WoT DHO Consolidation

    I was making a joke. 😁 Just letting you know Im keeping an eye on things.
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    I found this very interesting as I had not heard this level of detail before from the Japanese side.
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    It can only happen to Joey

    Hope you got everything sorted brother!
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    Teamspeak server

    It stood for a long time man. Discord is the new thing these days, especially since it's free.
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    It can only happen to Joey

    Finally got divorced last year and have been living my life, there were several of us that were always tight here, if you send me a pm and have Facebook we can friend up on there.
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    Raining XP

    Daily x2 XP, XP boosters, Special events, blue prints, platoon boost XP and also WoT premium x3 boost. I don't even think you can call it grinding anymore. I've decided to get the Obj 705a and have gone back to restart the IS for grind from scratch - 0 XP. I did only 3 battles last night and already have over 11 XP on it. This is amazingly fast how the XP is accumulating compared to the old days. 🎆
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    @ncooperj the stun gun wins again!
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    5.7k damage in the tier 8 http://www.twitch.tv/action_jackson_/v/420969635?sr=a&amp;t=22s
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    Raining XP

    Yep I agree they will help out of course it's just if you get them , one thing I will note is that they are very handy on beginner accounts like my new eu account for instance , hoping and praying I get a blue print for the line I'm grinding gives me much joy .
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    New Swedish Mediums (tier 8, 9 & 10)

    Didn't like my thread eh? Just wasn't good enough for ya, was it? I get it...
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    WoT DHO Consolidation

    Tankers, brief update for everyone. A few changes were made yesterday. Holsy and Sly stepped down as WoT Directors. Juggernaut41 and The_Dad are our new WoT Directors (with myself and Mykk). Juggernaut is also the new commander of DHO-X. Many thanks to Holsy and Sly for their service. Welcome to Juggernaut and The_Dad. Send them your congratulations and annoying questions!
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    Update 1.5 - All the Info

    Played some of the Buffed/Nerfed tanks with Jugger and Golf last night. Was fun guys thanks for the tunes. Type 5 - Biggest observation...Shell nerf is a big deal for 15cm, and the 14cm is garbage for frontal engagements against other super heavies. Side scrapping against Type 5s is possible now. I think this opens up play for more Maus, PzK/VKK and Obj 705a type tanks to brawl now. imho. Kranvaugn - only played one game, but it seems a little more agile then I remember it. Biggest improvement, It did lose a shell in the clip, but the sub 20 second inter-clip reload is noice (with equipment and good crew on board that is). Side note - Saw quite a few of the new Swede Meds out in the field. People are still adjusting to the new mechanic it seems. Lots of them getting farmed though, for showing to much lower plate and sides of their tank right now. When they are using it right, you can barely see the turret as they fire at you.
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    Clan Wars - Season 11 update

    Uh... someone else wasn’t there either... name starts with J and ends with a 1.
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    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Been at CubORee for the weekend. Just back an online. Invite sent. Welcome to DHOriginal Crooked <😊
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    Consumables for CW

    I think a list of CW meta tanks more likely to burn would be good. Like Grant, I've always just gone with the standard trio (large on all 3). Just last night though someone in CW mentioned food, so I swapped out the FE for food on my 277. We won the first 3 battles, so that's probably why we won...
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    I know it's only tier4 but its a lot of damage for me.
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    First game first Ace This made me laugh , @Kilo giving me poop to get this t6 premium tank to grind my crew ready for the new swedish mediums and this is the outcome of my first game .
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    DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO

    I have been a very long term member of this site. Lately I haven't been around nearly as long as I would like, but life happens. My focus in life has shifted away from gaming (mostly because there is no budget for some much needed upgrades) to ensuring my household maintenance is done. And keeping my kids on the right track in life. Since I have stopped playing everything Wargaming, and the other similar good games, I find my visits to the forum are not nearly as frequent as they once were because the topics don't hold my interest any longer. The community as a whole has always been amazing and good for any support needed. Now that I have been single (broke up with GF) for a year, and divorced for 4, I have been dealing with the issues surrounding loneliness and depression (hard as hell to find a woman to date with an eye towards long term with 5 kids). I need to make a come back so I can again find the social support I need. Thanks for being here EVERYONE!
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    DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO

    Glad to see new life coming back into this community! I found Dad's Hide Out just as I was coming off of an ugly divorce, a job layoff, and depression - This community of Dads have been instrumental in getting my life back together again, especially those dads in DHO3 at first and now DHOX in World of Tanks - Just having that group to talk to that have gone through similar issues and being able to have a good laugh does wonders to a guys mental stability. And for never meeting any of you face to face and still making real friendships this is a great community to be in!
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    SUBNAUTICA - it's not a multiplayer game, but its a fun PC exploration game. You are marooned on a water planet. I don't want to say anymore else i'll spoil it. I found it on steam. Fun stuff.