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    DHO Halloween Contest!!

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    DHO Halloween Contest!!

    I'll throw my family of B's in here!
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    Hey Dads! Who likes gold?!? I'm hosting a contest next Saturday night, Nov 23rd. The contest will start at 8pm EST and end at 12am EST. It is open to ALL dads that are part of the DHO site, regardless of which clan you're currently in. (I may be a few minutes late to start it up as the kids go down at 8pm. If anyone would like to arrange a drop or two if I'm not on, that's perfectly fine.) The event will have 3 prizes: 1st Prize - 100 Gold per participant to a max of 3,000 Gold! 2nd Prize - 750 Gold 3rd Prize - 500 Gold The rules for the event are as follows: -The contest is limited to tier VI derp tanks. (See below for most, if not all of the relevant tank & gun combos) -HE is not required, but the derp gun is. Firing HEAT or HE out of the derp gun is allowed. -Top 3 single highest damage battles will win the prizes. -Only your highest damage battle will be counted, so each person can only win one prize. -You need to Super Drop with everyone which will be coordinated through Discord. -You need to be in the Discord server any time after 8pm EST and before the last battle drops around 11:50pm EST. (I will request a channel specially named for this event from one of the WoT Discord Admins) -In the event of a tie for any position, we will start a training room and the two people tied for a position will duel to the death. The person who loses will drop down to the next position in the standings. -Keep a screen shot of your highest battles to post here for verification after. Platoons are not required, but are encouraged. People are welcome to stream the event. Google Doc Link to track progress: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/192E0UQwf4Pmq_58Xb6mEyZi1AK0G73bnLq1ws6I1dOU/edit?usp=sharing Tier VI Derp Combos US M4A3E8, 105mm M4 M4A3E2, 105mm M4 German VK 30.01(P), 10.5cm Kw.K. L/28 VK 30.01(H), 10.5cm Kw.K. L/28 Russia T-34-85, 122mm U-11 T-150, 122mm U-11 KV-2, 152mm M-10 UK Cromwell, 3.7-inch Howitzer Churchill VII, 3.7-inch Howitzer Firefly, 105mm M4 Japan O-I, 15cm Howitzer Type 96 In 2018 we ran tier V's and the top players were: @BigRed98 with 2,227 damage (2,000 Gold) @xtc4 with 1,882 damage (750 Gold) @Grimm65 who somehow tied my score exactly with 1,660 damage (500 Gold)
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    Perspective on Life.

    I recently reconnected with an old friend that I met years ago and we talked about life and how things have panned out. They were going to join the Navy and decided not to at the time. Their comment was that they wished they had joined the Navy and not chose to do things the “hard way.” This is a theme I have heard from my friends and family over the years. That some how joining the military makes things easier? Let’s talk about my time in the Navy. Over 20 years. I was stationed on 5 ships (USS John Young DD-973, USS Lake Champlain CG-57, USS Bataan LHD-5, USS Boxer LHD-4, USS New Orleans LPD-18), did 10 deployments with only one being six months long (the rest were 8-9 months long) and spent some not so always fun time in a very hot and sandy spot. I was stationed in Portland, OR (semi-successful recruiting tour),San Diego, Ca, Newport, RI (amazingly successful Officer Training and Teaching Tour) and Norfolk, VA. I’ve been to Guam (x2), Puerto Rico (x2), Barbados, San Lucas, Peru, South Korea, Hong Kong (x2), Australia (x4), Oman, Jordan, Mubai (x100000000), Singapore (x2), Germany, Bali, Sri Lanka, India (EW), Thailand, Malaysia, Djibouti (i still snicker when I say that), Kuwait, Israel, Turkey, Malta, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Dubai (x100000000000), Bahrain (x200000000000) and all over the US (I’m sure I am forgetting places). I’ve met SO MANY people from SO MANY places. I have had the ability to touch so many lives for the better (I hope). Made life long friendships with people that I know I would never have had the chance to have without the Navy. Worked on 3 different missile systems, a 5 inch gun system, 5 different radar systems and my pride and join 1 BAD bum (sorry for the language Mom) 20mm Gatling Gun system. I taught Naval Warfare tactics, ship handling, Small Arms Marksmanship and A MILLION other topics to new and old Sailors. I learned how to tell you the electrical resistance of a circuit (though I think my brain would hurt from that today). I learned how to accurately place ordinance on target, on time (Warheads on Foreheads). I’ve been shot at (believe it or not on more than one occasion). I was involved in several VERY pivotal and historical events (they even made a movie about one, but I can’t talk about it “I am the Captain now.”) Saw some SUPER COOL poop (sorry for the language Mom). Blew some poop up (LOTS OF poop) (SORRY FOR THE LANGUAGE FOR REAL MOM). Probably have fired more rounds down range than most Sailors. A sparrow tattoo on a Sailor equals 5000 nautical miles, I recently did the math (because ya know, need more ink) and I need 26 sparrows.... I’ve been on every single continent except Antarctica. I’ve been colder than I ever want to be ever again (-45) and hotter than I ever want to be (145). I have drank more Rip-It’s than I ever want to admit. Eatin food from SO MANY cultures. Drank so much that I thought my liver was literally going to come out of my body, been drunk on beaches in Bali by 10am. I have done so many amazing things that I can’t believe I had the chance to do, swam in every ocean, been a poly wog and then a Golden Shellback (Sailors will understand), eaten chow that I was unsure of what it was, and drank the darkest coffee you’ve ever seen in your life that I’m pretty sure equated to cocaine in a cup. I have a stack of ribbons and medals and certificates in pretty padded folders and a set of anchors that show all the deeds I have excelled at over the years. Now those are some of the great things, lets talk perspective and reality. I was in Boot Camp when my adopted Grandma passed away, “A” School when my Uncle Dan passed away, on deployment when my Grandpa passed away, on deployment when my Grandma passed away, unable to take leave when my Uncle Ron passed away and I never got to say “Good Bye” to any of them... I have been in (I know this will be a surprise to some of you) TWO failed marriages, both of which ended when I found out they cheated on me (though I am pretty sure both said that I was the one that cheated). I missed COUNTLESS anniversaries which led me to understand why they had cheated. My last marriage lasted almost 5 years, of which I did the math, I was only home for 2 of. I missed so many birthdays and landmarks in the family that I have no idea of.... I have no real relationship with (except to be a source of money) 2 children that I fought for years with their mother to try to have a relationship with. Which at this point now I am just waiting for them to come to me. I never owned a house of my own because I was never sure of where I would go next and whether I would stay somewhere. As a result of the above I tend to place myself in a self imposed isolation from those I care about due to the fact that, well, to be truthfully honest, I don’t even think I know how to be in a family anymore. I have clinical depression that I battle with almost daily and went to years of therapy for. I have clinical anxiety, bordering on PTSD as a result of things that have happened to me in my past. I have been an E4 twice and and E5 twice because of toxic and garbage leadership (though in the end I owned my mistakes and they made me a better leader for it, they still have not owned theirs). I stayed in to try to ensure the same bullshit I went through professionally and personally didn’t happen or could be prevented. I have just now started to get my finances in order to even think about maybe buying my own home hopefully in the next 10 years, due to years of being too nice to an Ex that I was till living my life for still up to about 4 years ago. I have spent more time feeling more lonely than I would like to admit, even when I was in a room full of folks. I’ve decorated fake Christmas trees in my workshops and watched while the “kids” I worked with celebrated New Years in hanger bays thousands of miles from home. Taken Sailors duty on Christmas Day, New Years Eve/Day and Valentines Day, because NONE of those holidays mean a damn thing to me anymore. When leaving for my deployment in 2010 I was given a counseling for not “manning the rails” to say “good bye,” to San Diego with the rest of my division in our dress uniforms. And not counseled when I gave my response as to why, by screaming at the top of lungs at a senior petty officer that I didn’t do so because everyone had family and friends on the pier and my family that I hadn’t told anyone but a close friend wasn’t because I was legally separated from weren’t there. I watched horrified while a Sailor shot himself on watch while I was the Chief of the Guard (that still haunts me). I have felt guilt to this day for putting a young kid in the US Navy in 2003 who was killed in a small village in Afghanistan in 2007. I have spent more time in my life with walls around my heart and soul than not, as a result. I am a suicide attempt and ideation survivor. I am a loner for the most part, have always been, probably always will be. It tends to lend to be the easier path. In the end, remember this, we ALL have a hard life. It is all a matter of perspective. Am I going to be okay? I don’t know, I would like to thinks so. As a result of much of the bullshit (sorry once again for the language Mom) that has occurred in my life I have found that those that I tend to let into my life, tend to be attached to me somehow or some way for the long haul. I have always said that NO MATTER WHAT, if you need help, put your pride on a shelf and ask me for it and you KNOW I will be there for you. Remember it is not about materialistic things or money that makes you successful, it is how you learn from life. Or IF you learn from life and life experiences. Telling those that you love, that you love them, hugging them when you see them (not just a hand shake necessarily). Always keeping an open line of communication or trying to talk to those you care about. These things are most important in life. Grow together, stay connected, we have each other. These are the important things in life.
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    Derpsgiving 2019

    Getting the announcement out early; A Discord Derpsgiving is coming to World of Tanks again this year, but with an added twist! Contest will start on November 1, and end at midnight EST on November 30th. Entries will be closed at that time and winner(s) announced during the first week of December. Winners can reach out to determine prize selection to be delivered as soon afterward as possible. Weekly Giveaway: Each Monday during the month of November there will be a drawing for a $10 item out of the World of Tanks shop. This prize will be awarded by random drawing via a bot on the Discord server- look at the ‘Giveaways’ channel for details on how to enter each week, and to see other giveaways throughout the year! Be sure to join our Discord server for a chance to win this weekly prize. You can join by clicking on this link here Contest Number One: Most HE damage delivered in a game using a 'derp' (howitzer) armed tank at tier 5! The winner will be determined as the person who delivers the most damage in a random battle using any tier 5 howitzer armed tank. This means a 105mm M4 game counts, using the 76mm gun with HE does not count Post a screenshot of your game on the Discord server in the Tanks Derpsgiving Screenshot channel. Derpsgiving is not taking place on the forum this year. Along with your screenshot, fill out the appropriate spreadsheet tab in the link below, with your player name, amount of damage, and the tank used. The current leader’s screenshot will be a pinned post in the Discord screenshot channel, making it easy to check the top score. Do we add a special king of the hill role/color for the current leader? Spreadsheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10oqKgyRwoLbC3Pe4GgEizFrf6XF5k8zkCTJk5PZ2olY/edit?usp=sharing Feel free to platoon up, and come up with a contest that YOU want to see happen or sponsor! Have a favorite tank that you want someone to beat your damage? Have a tank that is miserable to play and want to share the love? Just @Ayleward2 on Discord and we will get your details added! Reminder, this will start November 1st, so you have some time to work on crews, tanks and strategies! The month long contest prize will be a $20 item out of the World of Tanks shop, prize to be determined by winner based on what is available in the shop when the competition closes. This contest is being run on our Discord server so to participate you have to join up. Here’s the link again to join the server. Click here Ayle
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    DHO Halloween Contest!!

    We went all medieval...
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    DHO Halloween Contest!!

    Family of scary clowns... Well, it would have been if my son wasn't afraid to dress up as one too... Lol Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Tanks break time

    So I realized I was all tanked out. After grinding out almost all tier 10 tanks in the game and front lined myself silly to get the AE Phase 1 I was just burnt out from the game. So taking a bit of a tank siesta and playing WOW Classic with Blackroan. Don't worry I will be back but if a spot is needed in X I understand if I get removed - will just need an invite when I decide to return!
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    Good to hear things are moving forward in your direction, especially with the judge acknowledging the outlook of things in your favor. I'd be careful with the ex texting you in not letting one's emotions to help come first as that may drag things down the rabbit hole again. I made that mistake with my ex in trying to help when I should have just cut that connection off aside from dealing with my kids so hopefully you are a wiser and stronger man than I. I'd say keep to the facts and legal issues at hand as her life is in her hands to deal with as I'm sure you're seeing. Good luck and glad to see that so much is rolling in your favor these days.
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    DHOriginal Strongholds

    DHOriginal will be starting Strongholds skirmishes on Wednesday night. 10pm east coast time, 7pm Pacific. For you Canadans, The big hand will be on the 12, the little hand will be on the 10. Thanks for your support.
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    First off, I'm not a Kojima fanatic, I like his games, and he seems like a good guy, but I've only ever completed one Metal Gear solid game. Secondly, I've only played about five hours (on third chapter) or so total, and from what I've read, that's just scratching the surface (Total playtime is approx. 45hrs, 100% completion about 60hrs). Third, I'm going to try and keep this as spoiler-free as possible and just stick with generalities if possible. And lastly, this is my first time writing a review, so my apologies if it's a bit rough. Summary: It's a walking and delivery simulator game with a story. However, this is a Hideo Kojima walking/delivery simulator, which means it's much more than that. Basic Premise: Without giving away too much of the story, basically, cities/communities/towns/installations have been pretty much cut off from each other. And due to specific environmental, terrain, and other hazards, air travel is not possible, and trucking or even motorbike travel isn't always reliable or available. Hence, deliveries of supplies/drugs/parts/etc.. all need to handled by porters like your character. However, just like real life, carrying several cases with an average total weight of 125lb+, bush-whacking over rough terrain filled with additional hazards isn't that easy. The good/great: Story is weird, but so far, it's very well done, but it's Hideo Kojima's story, and they tend to lean towards weird but semi-believable. The graphics are outstanding, the environmental effects are lovely, and it has a really good sense of atmosphere. Sound quality is excellent, and at some points along your travels, full songs from the various bands will kick in, and they fit very well with what you are doing. Not EDM, not rock, not pop, I would say it fits in the chill genre (song from the game: Don't Be So Serious by Low Roar ). Gear and cargo has weight and inertia, and those have meaning in the game. There is a simple crafting mechanic and you can carry crafted gear to make your life easier, but it comes at a cost of weight. Sure you could carry 12 ladders, but it's going to be very hard going with all that weight plus your cargo. Re-spawning happens where you bit the dust, so you don't have to start the entire journey over again. Compared to other "walking sim" games like DayZ or The Long Walk, you are not going to directly die from starvation, dehydration, hypo/ hyperthermia , and lack of sleep. You are also not going to break bones, or twist ankles from falling(short heights), stumbling, or sliding. Controls are easy to use and are pretty intuitive. The bad/weird: Personally, I haven't found anything horribly wrong in it so far. However, you will need to suspend your belief a bit here and there. For one thing, how far you travel doesn't match up with how far you go on the world map. There is some blatant product placement, but I think it fits in the world. There are many cut scenes, and lots of reading if you want to get more immersed in the world. And there's an assumption that a good rain suit will keep you from getting wet at all. Basically, all the stuff that makes a video game a video game and not a holodeck simulation of the real world. The interface could use some work, it can be difficult to remember what needs a long press vs a short tap on a button. Multiplayer: It's a different kind of multiplayer. You can interact with your world by building structures, putting up signs, placing climbing/traversing ladders/ropes. But these will appear in other players' game world, and vice versa. Example: You might be trying to figure out if it's better to go around or climb over the ridge and go over the top to get to your destination. Meanwhile, in my game, I decided to go over the top of the ridge. To do that, I had to place a climbing ladder, and I used a rope to lower myself down on the other side. In your game, you would see that player "Kahoko" has placed a ladder and rope and the path they took. And when you get to that spot, the ladder/rope would be there available for your use, and you can even leave a "like" for that player if you thought it was useful. Another example on a trip to a power station. When I crested the ridge, I found some signs that other players had left warning me of trouble up ahead, and again I can leave a "like" if that was useful. You can also donate gear to a shared box so other players can use those items. As far as I know, other players cannot enter your game. And I'm not sure how it decides what to show from who. It's not showing everything from every player, otherwise my map would be covered in bridges/ladders/ropes/etc. I think I'm seeing things from about 6-8 different people. My take: All in all, I find it enjoyable and fun to play, and while it is a walking sim, honestly, it could have been a lot worse. Your main difficulties are balancing your load, traversing Icelandic levels of terrain, and dealing with game-play elements central to the story. You can bleed to death, and one of the ways that can happen is if your footwear loses all of its durability. But carrying an extra pair of boots isn't a big deal. There are some timed deliveries, but most of the deliveries are not timed. What is a factor is the condition of the deliverables. As I said earlier, you may have a choice between going over a ridge-line, which would be faster and more direct, or taking a longer way around. The faster way will have a much higher chance of falling and damaging your gear and the shipment. Whereas the longer route will be safer but will take more time. Also general exposure to the unique weather/environmental elements of the game world will have their on effects on the condition of the equipment. Limiting your exposure to these elements might mean taking risks is a better idea, but if you are carrying a ton of stuff, the longer route would be a better choice since one bad fall could do a ton more damage than taking the long way around and having a longer exposure to the elements. Should I play it?: Well, it depends. If you are looking for a Fallout, RDR2, GTA type game with lots of explosions, gun battles, driving around, etc. then this is not the game for you. If you are looking for a Metal Gear type game, then it's not for you either. This game embodies the Emerson quote, "It's not the destination; it's the journey." If you want a game with a good story, a great atmosphere, where you can plan your own route, plan the gear you might need, and enjoy moments of solitude and hiking, with some combat/sneaking around then it might be the game for you. --Whiskeralpha.
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    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    That would have been smart to mention: _Smitty_ is my game handle.
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    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Badger ace. Could have gone a lot different as a 430U had me locked down but @mx119got in a shot at just the right moment to distract the 430U and allow me to get my tracks back up. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5086482#sand_river-gpc_4-fv217_badger
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    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Welcome, sir. Pretty sure I’ve seen your name in Discord already. @rewguy79can set you up in DHO.
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    WoT Premium on Sale

    Wargaming is discounting 360 days of Premium by 15%. If you have a coupon, you can apply it too and get a good price for year's worth of premium.
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    I have attempted as much as possible to forthright and upfront with my lawyer with everything and hide nothing... I figure SOONER or later her BS has to catch up to her....
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    Well my lawyer has sent her the summons since she is not answering my lawyer now. Also a judge called me to ask if I was sure I wanted to pay the amount we agreed on since he saw the letter I wrote to the courts outlining her attitude and personality towards me over the years with phone logs and a chronological time frame of her moving and me having to move because of the Navy, as well as bank statements and credit history. I think reality is hitting her that she is not the princess she thinks she is, because she is texting me (first time in over 5 years) crying and griping about things. I am optimistic this will be resolved and over with soon.
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    no topic

    This thread used to be a lot weirder.
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    Derpsgiving 2019

    Today is the day!!! Month long contest has started. Please remember to join our Discord server to post your screenshots and to join in the Weekly $10 giveaways! Links to join the server are in the initial post!
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    DHO Halloween Contest!!

    Hard pass.
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    Ranked Battles Tips (sorta)

    So the quick skinny: - everyone has to go through a 20 game qualification round. You don’t really qualify for anything. The chevrons you have at the end of the qualification round translate into “bonus games”. Bonus games can be used to double a chevron (or two chevrons if you are top 3) in ensuing rounds. Only one bonus game per tank per day. - then 3 levels of progressive rounds... if you make it through all three you get a whole bunch of stuff... something like 6k bonds total.
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    I went 4 for 23 last night. Didn't seem to matter how well I played. That's the worst run I can recall ever having. To me it seems pretty simple. I can't go 4 for 23 without someone going 19 for 23 at some point. Every time 15-players lose a battle, 15-other players win a battle. The biggest thing that will influence that one way or the other for me is my own skill. I don't believe anyone finds themselves on crap teams more than anyone else. My goal is to get to a point where I'm not part of what makes it a crap team.
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    no topic

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