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    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Serene Coast

    Key to Serene Coast Win C1 then push forward or fall back to protect your base. The peninsula, or "island," is where HTs are generally expected to go. However, this area plays slow and, even if you win it, both sides then have to cross an open area where they will be susceptible to snipers and arty. Unless you're in a super heavy, you should be fast enough to make a difference in C1. Even if that is just tanking some shots while your meds and lights get into position. Grant's Positions of Serene Coast 1. Both sides have similar positions for early vision. It generally isn't much help at high tiers, maybe you can see if the enemy HTs are headed peninsula. Mid-tiers you're more likely to catch someone out that will be taking a short cut and lose HP for it. 2. People setup to snipe all over the place but this is the only position I use often, and then only in TDs or an especially squishy low tier tank. 3. I don't recall ever actually using the little nook near the red base but I've seen plenty of replays where people use it effectively. You can hold up the enemy team for a long time if they are tentative. If they are foolish, you can even win when outnumbered (seen this happen multiple times). 4. This position overlooks part of the cap and has bushes for cover. Good for a surprise reset or an ambush. A lot of people don't realize that fire can come from this spot.
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    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    I've joined the discussion a little late but playing standard light tanks you should be able to mop up wheeled vehicles , your firepower is much better and view range . If you are playing wheeled vehicles , concentrate on taking out the scouts first then start making risky plays! Early to mid game don't just rush in for spots and play hyper aggressive, yes you are fast but that doesn't mean you cant get hit! Yes you can take advantage of a lonesome Tank destroyer or heavy, but not when he has 1>3 buddies parked around the corner ready to pounce on your mistake. The Key is patience which many of us struggle with and if you can master this your games will improve! "Stay alive use your brain the damage will come, focus on maintaining hp, for the end game" CrabEatOff
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    taking a break...

    Hello gents, Juggernaut is going to take a break from the game. DHO folks are awesome, but it feels like I have got as far as I am going to get for now from a game play progress standpoint. Its not all about stats for sure, but I certainly shouldn't reel off a 5 for 23 night on top of a very similar performance the night before.... and things have been on a significant downward trend for a few months now... I think I am just plain burned out after 34k games. Regardless, I enjoy the company for sure, but the game has become not real fun of late. All the best to all of you... and I will most likely be back in some capacity at some point. In the meantime, go get 'em!. Peace. Juggernaut Out. @mrholsy @xtc4 @gpc_4
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    Surprise! There is a new tier 8 premium on pre-sale this weekend...the HWK 30, a German LT. The tank is available to purchase if you have a premium account. It will probably be on sale for everyone later this month. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/premium-shop/hwk-30-pre-sale-0319/ This is a very lazy premium. There's really nothing outstanding about it. It's fine...which I guess is better then having a new OP premium or just a garbage tank. It looks like an RU 251 with a Leopard 1 turret...and it plays like an RU. That is pretty much it. There is no armor. The DPM and gun handling are middling. The mobility looks good with 70kph top speed, but it feels lackluster as the power-to-weight is on the low end of its class/tier. What's good? 410 base view range is tied with best in class/tier. -10 gun depression is always nice. It gets HEP rounds (high pen HE), which can be great fun. The German LT line is a bad to mediocre line and there is already a tier 8 premium, the M41 90 (technically two premiums, the M41 90 and Blackdog), which is better. I'd play the HWK 30 over all the tech tree tier 8 LTs, except for possibly the WZ-132. I'd play all the tier 8 premium LTs over the HWK 30, except for maybe the T92. So....it's meh. No reason to purchase unless you're someone that collects tanks or someone that has to have every LT (I'm latter). Here's some first day ace gameplay. Things to enjoy..... 1. A Progetto flipping on his side, asking for help, and I don't notice. Progetto stays in same place all battle. 2. I start to type a message in chat and sit behind a ridge for far too long. Decide not to send the message. 3. Testing out a HEP round on the back of a Jagzilla and doing zero damage. 4. After the Jagzilla is destroyed it takes me several seconds to realize there is still an enemy on the other side of the map (Situational awareness FTW!) http://wotreplays.eu/site/4807045#ruinberg-gpc_4-hwk_30
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    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Weekend highlight.....Batchat ace. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4808728#empire_s_border-gpc_4-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t
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    February Scavenger Hunt

    Just knocked off stars/played grind tanks to complete the mission over two days without too much pain. Probably took 4 hrs in total and all the xp went on the UDES... cause I was paying attention. All in all it was pretty easy to do the codes and play the mission... although I disagree with the three day time limit for those who might not have had time this weekend.
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    February Scavenger Hunt

    Managed to not screw mine up and use them both where I needed them. Managed to snag the 13 105 with the on-track from the XP I got.
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    This was my game after I posted this thread. Unsurprisingly, it can scout. I almost don't want anyone else to know about the passive scouting location I found on the Prok hill but here you go. If you have support from the middle and the back of the hill you can shutdown the enemy before they can make an impact on that flank. Check out where I park the tank; you can sit there with an LT or MT and often go unspotted. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4807080#prokhorovka-gpc_4-hwk_30
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    Diy the hell out of that case I did that with an old antec 200 and adding fans front and back will help your temps a lot. Also a good clean and termal paste on your gpu may* help too.
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    Changed frame rate.

    I'm running 3440x1440 [12:5] I am jealous of your 130fps, but 60 is very manageable for me and everything looks oh so nice.
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    My thoughts exactly! That Tier 6 premium medium (Strv. 42/57 is a little ripper as well!)
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    I believe these tanks are going to require a lot of skill to play , I'd suggest playing from the tier 8 to become use to the play styles. You don't want to be learning this in tier ten, it will only become frustrating and put a damper on your spirits .
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    Yes, please. Sabaton crew needs some high tier tanks.
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    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    In game I'm Orcoz. Found World of Tanks a long, long time ago after dislocating my shoulder when trying to show my son how "not" to shoot a free throw (shot-put style). Anyway, as I convalesced, I discovered this awesome WWII looking game and was hooked. I've been away for awhile, but have a decent stable of iron and have experience in global wars, been a battle caller and love just hanging out in a fun platoon. My son, now 19 just started playing again as well! So cool. Greg
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    taking a break...

    Hotel California... we're not worried. find what's fun... enjoy!
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    February Scavenger Hunt

    FYI...cause I didn't know what to do next either; Full link to DomoSapiens post: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/599121-march-missions-for-february-scavenger-hunt/#topmost Tankers, I know you've all been patiently waiting for information on how to receive your prizes from the February Scavenger Hunt. The other threads are sort of turning into massive unwieldy behemoths, so starting a new thread to consolidate all the information on exactly how these missions will work. I've explained everything below to the best of my ability, and I've also whipped up a couple of snazzy infographics for ya. FULL, LONG-WINDED INFOGRAPHIC WITH ALL THE DETAILS SHORT INFOGRAPHIC WITH THE ESSENTIALS First things first, please note that everyone who participated in this month's Scavenger Hunt will be getting credit for 2 extra codes via a mass invoice on our backend.So if you got 26 codes, you will get credit for 28, and if you got 28 codes, you will get credit for 30. MISSIONS START: March 8th, 2019 03:20 PST | 05:20 CST | 06:20 EST MISSIONS END: March 11th, 201903:20 PST | 05:20 CST | 06:20 EST That said, let's talk about how these will function: All month, you've been gathering bonus codes. These bonus code have been crediting Code Tokens to your account. Including the 2 freebies, you can theoretically have up to 30 Code Tokens. If you have at least 1 Code Token when you log in, (Meaning, if you have redeemed any of this month's codes) your Scavenger Hunt Missions will activate. They should be visible in your Missions UI. You have 2 sets of missions (Mission 1, and Missions 2-6 which are activated by Mission 1), and the conditions for completion require you to place in the top 10 Experience Earners on your team. Every time you place in the top 10 XP earners on your team, you will complete the following mission: Personal Battle Mission: Scavenger Hunt Every time you Complete Personal Battle Mission: Scavenger Hunt, one of your CODE TOKENS will be converted into a FOLDER TOKEN MISSION 1: FOLDER TOKENS will unlock the following missions, which will give you your tiered rewards. Once you collect 5 FOLDER TOKENS, you will unlock the following mission: MISSION 2: Because 5 FOLDER TOKENS are required to UNLOCK the mission, you will get your small consumables when you get your 6th FOLDER TOKEN When you collect 11 FOLDER TOKENS, you will unlock the following mission: MISSION 3: Because 11 FOLDER TOKENS are required to UNLOCK the mission, you will get Large Consumables when you get your 12th FOLDER TOKEN When you collect 18 FOLDER TOKENS, you will unlock the following mission: MISSION 4: Because 18 FOLDER TOKENS are required to UNLOCK the mission, you will get your Garage Slot when you get your 19th FOLDER TOKEN When you collect 27 FOLDER TOKENS, you will unlock the following mission: MISSION 5: The 10,000 Vehicle XP will go to the tank used to complete the mission. Make sure you don't have 'accelerate crew training' enabled or it will go to your crew! Because 27 FOLDER TOKENS are required to UNLOCK the mission, you will get your 10K EXP when you get your 28th FOLDER TOKEN When you collect 28 FOLDER TOKENS, you will unlock the following mission: MISSION 6: Play one more battle + place in the top 10 XP earners to earn your final tiered reward of 30K EXP (going to the tank used to complete the battle) + food consumables. Keep in mind, since everyone is getting 2 extra CODE TOKENS you can theoretically complete Mission 1 a total of 30 times if you got 28 codes this month. Golly gee whiz, Domo! That's a wall of text! Why is this so damn confusing!? Long story short, to make the Monetization guys happy, we need y'all to actually log in and play to get your prizes. We picked top 10 XP as a requirement because it's fairly easy to complete, and doesn't require you to depend on your team and win the battle. But you can't just AFK and get the prizes, you actually need to play. It seems pretty complex, but you just need to remember that each mission will unlock once you get the right number of Folder tokens.
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    February Scavenger Hunt

    Tuesday's code... S2NUWPMV
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    February Scavenger Hunt

    Monday's code... MS57TRFMS57TRFT
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    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    Worked on the tier VI a bit more. Still don't think they are good, certainly not game breaking or anything like that, but you can do well and I'm finding the playstyle to be enjoyable. Three Orlick's Medals in a row this afternoon.
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    February Scavenger Hunt

    Saturday's code... M23X5FR5
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    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    I'm a cheating aimbot bastard.
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    February Scavenger Hunt

    Friday's code... F4HW729K
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    Gillette & "Toxic" masculinity

    I too have problems as mentioned above, and feel that the moment "we" as men lost our masculinity was when treating women as equals, men felt it was necessary to assume a more feminine posture and role. "Getting in touch with our feminine side" never rang true with me, we are MEN, there should be no feminine side. THere should be a more caring side, a more understanding and mentoring side, BUT not a feminine side!! We should show respect for all individuals, men and women, we have moved beyond the cave, but it should mean we should live in the doghouse either!