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    The tank list looks fine to me. If I were to tell someone what to get it would be the 140 and then the 277, in that order. Reason being is that there are more options for replacing the 277 than the 140 in a match so its easier to fill the 277 spot at this time. There is only 1 tank that is swapped for a 140 and its the 907. 277 can be swapped with 5A, 260, cheif, or even the IS7 in a pinch. Get the tank that is harder to replace then work towards the other. And all this is if you are starting from the same point in the tech tree. Otherwise go for the one you are closer too.
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    I'm a big fan of the Batchat 25t, it's combat capacity allows it to not just be a sniper, but also deal a good amount of damage when they can get around on a flank. I'll call for it on a lot of my strats. We also have some good bat players, so it's something I'll continue to call for. Heavies - For me, most of my strats are going to focus on the 277/5a/Chieftan. Sometimes a map will call for an IS7 or Super Conq, but mostly I'm wanting faster heavies. TDs - I really like the DPM and accuracy of the STRV, so that gets a lot of play, but I'll also use the T110e3 and the T110e4 in places to hold a line. If we're doing advances and Murovanka is in the lineup, be ready for some deathstar action. Mediums - For Meds it's mostly going to be 907/140, though honestly the 277 is as fast as those, so I've been taking more heavies than meds lately. Sometimes if I need accuracy from a med, I'll call for a Leo 1, but that's rare. Scouts - For lights it depends on the map, but either the EBR or the T100. My T100 has 70 meters more view range than most EBRs, so if I want vision, I'm going with the T100. I'll also use the Bat in places where folks would normally put a light because I want that clip capacity. Arty - broken mechanic that should be removed from the game, but if I need one it's usually the CGC unless it's wide open then I'll go something faster shooting like the 261 or 53/55. =============================== Before I start this next part I want to make this disclaimer. The following is just my opinion and how I see things. These thoughts don't represent DHO-X in any way so I don't want anyone getting all butthurt and quitting because of something I said here. I think one of the things as a caller that's the most frustrating is when we try to put together advances, skirmishes or even clan wars and we see 30+ people online at the time but we can barely get enough people to run organized play. If you're grinding something, we all get that, absolutely everyone does it from time to time. But if you're one of the guys who's constantly grinding something and never participates in the organized stuff, you really belong in DHO and not DHO-X. It really does seem to be the same people over and over and I just don't get it. I'm not sure how to codify that into a policy, but as a caller, that's one thing that drives me batty and I know it does with other callers as well. Also, just participation in Discord. I've been on some nights where I'm the only one in channel but there are 25 guys online. Damnit I shower every day, I play this game because I like playing with people and the camaraderie that goes along with it. If you're one of those who's always online but never in Discord, again maybe another DHO clan is a better place for you. I've probably pissed off enough people, I'm out for now.
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    DHO-X Information and Guidelines [from the Welcome to DHO thread, http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/15588-welcome-to-dho-rules-discord-leadership/ ] DHO-X's mission is to assemble the community's one hundred most active, experienced, and skilled tankers to participate in organized, tier X game play. We play with a competitive yet casual spirit, and balance Clan Wars with our real life family responsibilities. Membership Guidelines: 1. Have one tier X that is commonly used in CW (see below). 2. Play WoT regularly; multiple times per week or 100+ battles. 3. Play CW and Advances when online with Discord communications setup (including push-to-talk). 4. Be willing to follow directions during team based activities. 5. Have at least 7500 battles. 6. Tankers with a WoT Personal Rating (PR) above 5,000 will be given preference. Members wishing to join DHO-X need to understand the responsibility they are undertaking. If your level of activity drops below accepted requirements, for whatever reason, you can be asked to transfer to another clan or dropped. Discord (http://www.discord.gg/YKpADaU) required during clan activities and strongly recommended during all gaming activity. Clan War Tank Recommendations [revising the old thread, http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/14750-cwsh-tank-recommendations/#comments ] Reward/Mission Tanks The following are reward/mission tanks and you will never be expected to have them. However, if you do have one then expect to be our callers’ best friend and get into a lot of CW battles. 1. T95/FV4201 Chieftain, replaces fast heavy and Super Conqueror. 2. Object 279 early, super heavy/general game destroyer. 3. Object 260, replaces fast heavy. 4. Object 907, replaces Object 140. Prime DHO-X Clan War Tanks If you want to be viable in essentially all of DHO-X CWs then you’ll need a fast heavy and an Object 140. 1. Fast Heavy: Object 277, WZ-111 model 5A. 2. Object 140. Situational/Map/Call/Specialist Tanks These tanks can be called on for a variety of reasons, but if you only have a few of these tanks expect to miss out on many CW battles. A few tankers may specialize in these tanks but it is expected that they be very proficient in their use and have great crews. If you want battles, get a fast heavy and Object 140 first. Light Tanks: Panhard EBR 105 (Mad Max scouting), T-100 LT (conventional scouting). Medium Tanks: Batchat 25t (scouting and clip potential). Heavy Tanks: Maus (city brawling), Super Conqueror (ridgeline/DPM fights), IS-7 (old school fast heavy) Tank Destroyers: STRV 103B (sniping), T110E3 (brawls, area denial), Object 268 version 4 (armor/alpha for fast pushes). SPGs: Conqueror Gun Carriage (scumbaggery).
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    I am near getting the OBJ 277... need about 75k exp.... I know I have the worst record in the clan, but I have a great time running with you guys.
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    https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/anniversary-teaser-0320/ You need to register to the the missions, then you play, then you get the stuff. Of course there is a pay option too, which you register, pay, play, get more pixelized stuff.
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    https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/be-safe-2020/ Discord users see the post in wot-codes-for-lazy-people. Claim it by the early morning of Apr. 3.
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    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Invite sent to Boomer_Blake and Malifex. Welcome to DHOriginal. <☺️
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    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Hey all, lets see ….. I was a member here way way back in 2013. I even remember launching DHO-X and being a part of that build. My game name back then was “therazzster,” it changed when I was fooling around in another clan TeamSpeak and what emerged that day is my current name. Anyways, I play a lot less but still like to shoot tanks when time permits and wanted to retire in the clan that started it all for me, with my fellow Dads. Its good to be back.
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    April Styles and Camo

    They wanted to keep it classy.
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    I’ll simply say that there is no reason to be in X if you are not going to show for org play. Like to grind all the the fun missions and events? Great. All good. But if that means you never show for org play, no reason to be in X. It comes down to this in my mind. It’s just a pixel tank game. Sure. But a bunch of folks would like to be more competitive in org play. No chance of that if we don’t get continuous reps in org play.
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    And here I thought that I wasn't playing well...
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    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Quick overview: Proud father of a 14 year old girl who is in the 9th grade. She is more like me than her mother which annoys her (the wife) to no end. I also have 2 cats (that my daughter brought home) that are shitheads and insist that our bed, specifically my side, is theirs and proceed to walk on my head until I scratch them. I am north of 40 and been an active gamer all my life. Finally broke the WoW crack last July and picked WOT back up (started playing 7 years ago) and have not looked back. Hope everyone is being safe and look forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield.
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    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Hello, My name is Pat father of one and almost a grandfather. My granddaughter is due Easter Sunday 2020. :) I've been gaming for quite a few years and even owned and ran a game server provider company for years, currently just an old IT director and looking for a place to play some WOT with like minded people when not working. I am based out of Chicago. Also I typo'd my name hahah and it should be HIS-MOTHER no HI-MOTHER, hopefully I mod can fix my fat finger mistake on my forum name.
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    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Aces with @Hepius
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    Hi nerds

    I have not been around in a while and I rarely play anymore but I just wanted to pop in and say hi. If I get trapped in the house during the apocalypse, I might start playing again and make you guys listen to awful jokes again.
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    Yes I'm still here! Still repping our group...[DHO] SHOGUN08SS. Currently working on the final stage of "The Machine" contract. Ugh!! I like playing the full range of tanks in the game so staying specific to the contract requirements can be a bit of a pain. I'm using the Tier 9 and 10 Ru mediums, heavies, artillery...and just repurchased the Obj. 268 to try and complete the contract. Being an "average" casual tanker with a full time job and on-call 24 hrs a day can be challenging, but I will finish the contact.After the contract, not sure if I want to grind Swedish line for new meds...or complete my British garage going after the Deathstar. Only 2 British lines I don't have are artillery and Deathstar branch. Good Luck out there tankers! ROLL OUT!
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    DHO Ambassador

    Welcome windburn to DHO!

    Attention DHO! We have a new dad in our midst! Please welcome windburn to our fraternity of dads! He joined on 03/13/2020! windburn, on behalf of DHO and all the dads here, welcome to our little online man cave. If you want, give a quick hello and maybe tell us about yourself; What brings you here, how many kiddos, and what games do you like to play? I sent you a private message with some more details about Dad's Hideout, but if you have any questions at all, just let me ( @DHO Ambassador ) know and I will be happy to help. You can also reach out to the admins ( @thedakar or @xJediDadx ) or any of the moderators.
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    Perspective on Life.

    I recently reconnected with an old friend that I met years ago and we talked about life and how things have panned out. They were going to join the Navy and decided not to at the time. Their comment was that they wished they had joined the Navy and not chose to do things the “hard way.” This is a theme I have heard from my friends and family over the years. That some how joining the military makes things easier? Let’s talk about my time in the Navy. Over 20 years. I was stationed on 5 ships (USS John Young DD-973, USS Lake Champlain CG-57, USS Bataan LHD-5, USS Boxer LHD-4, USS New Orleans LPD-18), did 10 deployments with only one being six months long (the rest were 8-9 months long) and spent some not so always fun time in a very hot and sandy spot. I was stationed in Portland, OR (semi-successful recruiting tour),San Diego, Ca, Newport, RI (amazingly successful Officer Training and Teaching Tour) and Norfolk, VA. I’ve been to Guam (x2), Puerto Rico (x2), Barbados, San Lucas, Peru, South Korea, Hong Kong (x2), Australia (x4), Oman, Jordan, Mubai (x100000000), Singapore (x2), Germany, Bali, Sri Lanka, India (EW), Thailand, Malaysia, Djibouti (i still snicker when I say that), Kuwait, Israel, Turkey, Malta, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Dubai (x100000000000), Bahrain (x200000000000) and all over the US (I’m sure I am forgetting places). I’ve met SO MANY people from SO MANY places. I have had the ability to touch so many lives for the better (I hope). Made life long friendships with people that I know I would never have had the chance to have without the Navy. Worked on 3 different missile systems, a 5 inch gun system, 5 different radar systems and my pride and join 1 BAD bum (sorry for the language Mom) 20mm Gatling Gun system. I taught Naval Warfare tactics, ship handling, Small Arms Marksmanship and A MILLION other topics to new and old Sailors. I learned how to tell you the electrical resistance of a circuit (though I think my brain would hurt from that today). I learned how to accurately place ordinance on target, on time (Warheads on Foreheads). I’ve been shot at (believe it or not on more than one occasion). I was involved in several VERY pivotal and historical events (they even made a movie about one, but I can’t talk about it “I am the Captain now.”) Saw some SUPER COOL poop (sorry for the language Mom). Blew some poop up (LOTS OF poop) (SORRY FOR THE LANGUAGE FOR REAL MOM). Probably have fired more rounds down range than most Sailors. A sparrow tattoo on a Sailor equals 5000 nautical miles, I recently did the math (because ya know, need more ink) and I need 26 sparrows.... I’ve been on every single continent except Antarctica. I’ve been colder than I ever want to be ever again (-45) and hotter than I ever want to be (145). I have drank more Rip-It’s than I ever want to admit. Eatin food from SO MANY cultures. Drank so much that I thought my liver was literally going to come out of my body, been drunk on beaches in Bali by 10am. I have done so many amazing things that I can’t believe I had the chance to do, swam in every ocean, been a poly wog and then a Golden Shellback (Sailors will understand), eaten chow that I was unsure of what it was, and drank the darkest coffee you’ve ever seen in your life that I’m pretty sure equated to cocaine in a cup. I have a stack of ribbons and medals and certificates in pretty padded folders and a set of anchors that show all the deeds I have excelled at over the years. Now those are some of the great things, lets talk perspective and reality. I was in Boot Camp when my adopted Grandma passed away, “A” School when my Uncle Dan passed away, on deployment when my Grandpa passed away, on deployment when my Grandma passed away, unable to take leave when my Uncle Ron passed away and I never got to say “Good Bye” to any of them... I have been in (I know this will be a surprise to some of you) TWO failed marriages, both of which ended when I found out they cheated on me (though I am pretty sure both said that I was the one that cheated). I missed COUNTLESS anniversaries which led me to understand why they had cheated. My last marriage lasted almost 5 years, of which I did the math, I was only home for 2 of. I missed so many birthdays and landmarks in the family that I have no idea of.... I have no real relationship with (except to be a source of money) 2 children that I fought for years with their mother to try to have a relationship with. Which at this point now I am just waiting for them to come to me. I never owned a house of my own because I was never sure of where I would go next and whether I would stay somewhere. As a result of the above I tend to place myself in a self imposed isolation from those I care about due to the fact that, well, to be truthfully honest, I don’t even think I know how to be in a family anymore. I have clinical depression that I battle with almost daily and went to years of therapy for. I have clinical anxiety, bordering on PTSD as a result of things that have happened to me in my past. I have been an E4 twice and and E5 twice because of toxic and garbage leadership (though in the end I owned my mistakes and they made me a better leader for it, they still have not owned theirs). I stayed in to try to ensure the same bullshit I went through professionally and personally didn’t happen or could be prevented. I have just now started to get my finances in order to even think about maybe buying my own home hopefully in the next 10 years, due to years of being too nice to an Ex that I was till living my life for still up to about 4 years ago. I have spent more time feeling more lonely than I would like to admit, even when I was in a room full of folks. I’ve decorated fake Christmas trees in my workshops and watched while the “kids” I worked with celebrated New Years in hanger bays thousands of miles from home. Taken Sailors duty on Christmas Day, New Years Eve/Day and Valentines Day, because NONE of those holidays mean a damn thing to me anymore. When leaving for my deployment in 2010 I was given a counseling for not “manning the rails” to say “good bye,” to San Diego with the rest of my division in our dress uniforms. And not counseled when I gave my response as to why, by screaming at the top of lungs at a senior petty officer that I didn’t do so because everyone had family and friends on the pier and my family that I hadn’t told anyone but a close friend wasn’t because I was legally separated from weren’t there. I watched horrified while a Sailor shot himself on watch while I was the Chief of the Guard (that still haunts me). I have felt guilt to this day for putting a young kid in the US Navy in 2003 who was killed in a small village in Afghanistan in 2007. I have spent more time in my life with walls around my heart and soul than not, as a result. I am a suicide attempt and ideation survivor. I am a loner for the most part, have always been, probably always will be. It tends to lend to be the easier path. In the end, remember this, we ALL have a hard life. It is all a matter of perspective. Am I going to be okay? I don’t know, I would like to thinks so. As a result of much of the bullshit (sorry once again for the language Mom) that has occurred in my life I have found that those that I tend to let into my life, tend to be attached to me somehow or some way for the long haul. I have always said that NO MATTER WHAT, if you need help, put your pride on a shelf and ask me for it and you KNOW I will be there for you. Remember it is not about materialistic things or money that makes you successful, it is how you learn from life. Or IF you learn from life and life experiences. Telling those that you love, that you love them, hugging them when you see them (not just a hand shake necessarily). Always keeping an open line of communication or trying to talk to those you care about. These things are most important in life. Grow together, stay connected, we have each other. These are the important things in life.
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    Hearts of Iron?

    It's a pain in the sack when trying to figure out how to properly play. If you'd like to check it out before committing to a purchase, let me know.

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