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  3. Adam, you didn't say what the contest is. Highest base XP, right?
  4. Howdy folks! Being new to the clan, I wanted to take a moment and pay the good karma forward. How to do this? By having a contest, of course! Contest will run 7/13 - 7/19 (Mon-Sun) - as Dads' lives are busy, giving people a week gives everyone a chance to compete. Contest is open to ALL DHO clans! Rules: 1) Tier 7 tanks only - no premium tanks, or tanks with a pref mm. (Super Hellcat is allowed) 2) Post your screenshot of the results on this thread. Winner will have the battle with the highest base XP. 3) At the end of the week, I'll go through the results, and the winner gets a free month of Premium time for WoT! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
  5. Welcome Adrian! You'll find a great community here, after all... We all Love Bacon!!
  6. Already did in whatever thread DHO had me. I'll see if I can find where it had me do that. It was a general intro then I did a more focused one here in WoT. Update: Found it:
  7. Welcome, sir. I know you’re getting setup in the Discord. For intros, most people at least make passing mention of the family 🙂
  8. Its a rectangular box with wires and people attached to it
  9. Bacon is life! Haha. Hey Tankers, Bacon_Jäger here. Wanted to formally introduce myself in your tank forum. Been looking for a clan to join, and hear I am! Took a lot of searching but believe I found my home : ) Wanted to touch base and give a brief on my tanking situation in hopes to help find a bunk among your tank clan. WoT Username: Bacon_Jager I still consider myself a noob as I have zero clan experience. I've only had a WoT account for little over a year. I have 3048 battles under my belt. Primary tanks: Tank Destroyers. Secondary tanks: Heavy Tanks. I like all the classes, but those two are my fav. I have several options from tiers 4 through 10. Currently working on getting more 10's. Though I generally know my way around, I feel as though I have yet more to learn so I still consider myself a tank noob : ) Happy to learn more so long as it is fun along the way! And so long as real life doesn't interrupt ; ) See you on the battlefield!
  10. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/ranked-battles-season-1-2020-announcement/ New Tier IX US Heavy as reward. Event runs through August 2
  11. Howdy, My name is Adrian, father of two precious daughters, 7 month old and 4 year old : ) IT Specialist, sit on my backside all day and wonder why I have a spare tire lol. Recently picked up a passion for cooking after getting hooked on Sam the Cooking Guy youtube channel. Enjoy throwing lead down range and am a MAC Patreon supporter. Recently picked up fishing after not having gone since I was like 10 or so. Love SciFi Movies and Shows. For gaming these days, really only into WoT, Star Citizen (council member for an ORG), and the occasional Tomb Raider and Assassins Creed games as they release, almost a tradition at this point to keep playing them haha. Played both series from the start pretty much. Other than that, just plain out love my Family, God, and Country. Arrived here in search for a WoT clan after having played for about a year. Really been enjoying the game. Wanted to experience what all a clan has to offer. I joined one group via a friend of mine, but that clan was not active at all. Officially left them yesterday. No hard feelings, wish them well, then again I never knew any of them cause they weren't active, haha. Searched and searched. Contacted another clan, filled out app, joined there Teamspeak server, no one ever got to me. Found you guys and seemed like a good fit so I took a shot. Here I am! If there is one take away here, remember, Bacon is life! haha. See you around the hideout!
  12. Wow. Learn something new every day. I only vaguely know what an Xbox is
  13. We do have an Xbox Clan! https://console.worldoftanks.com/en/clans/xbox/DHO/ We also have a DHO club on the Xbox! Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  14. Oh-- that's the issue. (I couldn't find the ign either) We don't have an Xbox clan. You are welcome to our website and discord anyway. Let us know if you take up the PC game.
  15. hey, welcome back to tanks... so are you interested in org play or are you more of a casual tanker? FYI: DHO is the casual side and DHO-X is the organised side of the clan. also... oddly I can't find you by the IGN Haikon72
  16. Its the same as my id here. Haikon72 I mostly play after 9pm EST. Mainly tiers 8,9, and 10 unless I'm working on a new tank line. Thanks, can't wait to play with a group again.
  17. Hi Haikon72, What is your in-game name? We need to figure out which subclan might be best for you. Thanks, xtc4
  18. Attention DHO! We have a new dad in our midst! Please welcome Bacon_Jäger to our fraternity of dads! He joined on 07/06/2020! Bacon_Jäger, on behalf of DHO and all the dads here, welcome to our little online man cave. If you want, give a quick hello and maybe tell us about yourself; What brings you here, how many kiddos, and what games do you like to play? I sent you a private message with some more details about Dad's Hideout, but if you have any questions at all, just let me ( @DHO Ambassador ) know and I will be happy to help. You can also reach out to the admins ( @thedakar or @xJediDadx ) or any of the moderators.
  19. I just started playing tanks again after a long break. My old clan, Iron Pirates seems to be inactive so im looking for a new crew to tank with. You sound like my kind of peeps.
  20. Hi, my name is Dan. I'm a 48 year old divorced dad of 2 teens, 13 and 14. I work as the clubhouse manager at a private country club so I work some pretty strange hours. In my free time, other than WOT, I spend time at the gun range or on the beach fishing. I look forward to getting to know this community. Thanks!
  21. Went with Stronk, but it is borderline Pay to Win. Good mobility and very flexible with the autoreloader. We've all ran into swarms of these in FL and know how annoying they are.
  22. I prefer traditional autoloaders over the Italians. I know it's a very good tank but the line doesn't work for me. When you dump all your shots and have to reload.....ouch. Playable.
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