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  2. I recently learned that's about how much it will cost to get the 45,000 doubloons that it will cost to convert my premium exp in to (not so) Free XP. So, if anyone doesn't know what to do with their tax returns or upcoming stimulus checks or 10 of you want to donate $150... 😉
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  4. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/premium-shop/progetto-m35-mod-46-safari-corazzato-offers-0420/ On sale till April 13.
  5. Here's one for under $10.
  6. They wanted to keep it classy.
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  8. Hello, I would like an invite request please. Thank you TaIisker for steering me in the right direction. :)
  9. The tank list looks fine to me. If I were to tell someone what to get it would be the 140 and then the 277, in that order. Reason being is that there are more options for replacing the 277 than the 140 in a match so its easier to fill the 277 spot at this time. There is only 1 tank that is swapped for a 140 and its the 907. 277 can be swapped with 5A, 260, cheif, or even the IS7 in a pinch. Get the tank that is harder to replace then work towards the other. And all this is if you are starting from the same point in the tech tree. Otherwise go for the one you are closer too.
  10. Hey I'll do this. I have nothing but time since schools are closed. 😉
  11. Indeed. $20, like other tier 6 HTs, and I’d be buying.
  12. The advantage for me is although I have the KV-2, I don't always have a crew for it. This would solve that problem (but not worth $33 to me).
  13. You are technically correct; the best kind of correct.
  14. If you don't want to grind to the KV-2, https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/premium-shop/kv-2-r-offers-0420/ Technically, it's the KV-2 (R), but it does the same thing.
  15. I am near getting the OBJ 277... need about 75k exp.... I know I have the worst record in the clan, but I have a great time running with you guys.
  16. I’ll simply say that there is no reason to be in X if you are not going to show for org play. Like to grind all the the fun missions and events? Great. All good. But if that means you never show for org play, no reason to be in X. It comes down to this in my mind. It’s just a pixel tank game. Sure. But a bunch of folks would like to be more competitive in org play. No chance of that if we don’t get continuous reps in org play.
  17. You're not really saying anything we don't all already know. But also, don't get mislead by "logged on" vs "active in-game". WG doesn't have an auto-logout feature for better or worse. We're working towards people thinking about DHO-X and DHO as a 200 person clan. Top 100 active guys get to be in DHO-X. But since DHO-X is supposed to be a Clan Wars clan, maybe we'll need 3 clans (we can bring in DHO2/3/4 as needed). Maybe DHO-X come June will be 50 members instead of 100. But you can count on those 50 members to support team-based activities. Then 100 in DHO. And another 50 in DHO2/3/4. So long as dads are having fun tanking, it's all good, right? Also Grant, yes, some stuff is better for a different thread, good to keep it focused.
  18. No one said I had to think to reply. I barely follow the rules at all, you can't go changing them on me.
  19. If they don't join for org play you think they are going to read the forum? 🙂
  20. I'm a big fan of the Batchat 25t, it's combat capacity allows it to not just be a sniper, but also deal a good amount of damage when they can get around on a flank. I'll call for it on a lot of my strats. We also have some good bat players, so it's something I'll continue to call for. Heavies - For me, most of my strats are going to focus on the 277/5a/Chieftan. Sometimes a map will call for an IS7 or Super Conq, but mostly I'm wanting faster heavies. TDs - I really like the DPM and accuracy of the STRV, so that gets a lot of play, but I'll also use the T110e3 and the T110e4 in places to hold a line. If we're doing advances and Murovanka is in the lineup, be ready for some deathstar action. Mediums - For Meds it's mostly going to be 907/140, though honestly the 277 is as fast as those, so I've been taking more heavies than meds lately. Sometimes if I need accuracy from a med, I'll call for a Leo 1, but that's rare. Scouts - For lights it depends on the map, but either the EBR or the T100. My T100 has 70 meters more view range than most EBRs, so if I want vision, I'm going with the T100. I'll also use the Bat in places where folks would normally put a light because I want that clip capacity. Arty - broken mechanic that should be removed from the game, but if I need one it's usually the CGC unless it's wide open then I'll go something faster shooting like the 261 or 53/55. =============================== Before I start this next part I want to make this disclaimer. The following is just my opinion and how I see things. These thoughts don't represent DHO-X in any way so I don't want anyone getting all butthurt and quitting because of something I said here. I think one of the things as a caller that's the most frustrating is when we try to put together advances, skirmishes or even clan wars and we see 30+ people online at the time but we can barely get enough people to run organized play. If you're grinding something, we all get that, absolutely everyone does it from time to time. But if you're one of the guys who's constantly grinding something and never participates in the organized stuff, you really belong in DHO and not DHO-X. It really does seem to be the same people over and over and I just don't get it. I'm not sure how to codify that into a policy, but as a caller, that's one thing that drives me batty and I know it does with other callers as well. Also, just participation in Discord. I've been on some nights where I'm the only one in channel but there are 25 guys online. Damnit I shower every day, I play this game because I like playing with people and the camaraderie that goes along with it. If you're one of those who's always online but never in Discord, again maybe another DHO clan is a better place for you. I've probably pissed off enough people, I'm out for now.
  21. Maybe? However, I was considering those more in the general Welcome to DHO thread.
  22. Mention push to talk settings, to avoid the heavy breathers? Mention our discord rules or maybe that's redundant
  23. What about #1? Like have a Prime tank and single Specialist tank. Or something similar.
  24. You can remove the part about being removed after 28 days of inactivity. I'll kick whenever the hell I want.
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