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  4. @ProsserAuthor1 @randolphlalonde Will have reviews up in next day or two good Sirs, two damn fine books if I may say so.

  5. @bethesda Maybe time to dig out Rage for a replay........Ahh what the hell I'm doing it anyway :)

  6. Too funny not to share. https://t.co/Oc616X85Mn

  7. @KreelanWarrior Same the world over, wealth buys power, and the most seem to use the power to gather more wealth. T… https://t.co/QFDHO8tyUy

  8. Here's a thought, the public supporters of the left and right are tearing each other apart, family and friends turn… https://t.co/gk3deY72hG

  9. Downloaded last night, re-reading Resolute Legacy then going to get stuck into Crusade over the weekend. https://t.co/Qqzmeuo3vy

  10. RT @ProsserAuthor1: #ResoluteCrusafe, The Fall of Eventime has come. Resolute 10 is Live. Get yours today! Download on Kindle.https://t.co/…

  11. Shana Molto https://t.co/B20Sv35xbz

  12. Shana Molto https://t.co/KhNvm6B330

  13. @TWindleN7 People need to realise that Bioware is no longer the same company, ME Andromeda was not as bad as people… https://t.co/sCnCE3AxoT

  14. @KreelanWarrior Totally understand, in fairness the weather generally sucks over here, cold and rain, even colder… https://t.co/hUFROwIcS4

  15. Sweet, Bunrout Revenge on Xbox BC https://t.co/Ybqwyk89Ti

  16. @Barre40077094 @lilbulli1031 @Airbornex82nd @DSanchez1669 @Golfinggary522 @ZibaLady1 @PurpleIsCovfefe Basically in… https://t.co/AqDtsAt62I

  17. RT @missmorenab: Gang’s all here. #deadpool2 out May 18th. @deadpoolmovie https://t.co/EdQQxlbLWG

  18. Today's thought, if I had to pick the two most underrated games from PS3/360 I'd have to go with #SpecOps and… https://t.co/iZVW7YbeER

  19. @KreelanWarrior Never read More in God's eye, but have read Lucifer's Hammer and Footfall more than once myself.

  20. Probably going to offend a few folk, but there is so much truth here it hurts. https://t.co/p1jPEWChSs

  21. https://t.co/ZgCQmvcXgV

  22. @BrianRathbone Talking about flat earth, there was a flat earth convention in the UK recently....it concerns me som… https://t.co/kCgrRiR42V

  23. @BrianRathbone Who knew a fantasy author was also a philosopher ? 😀

  24. The Star Wars gods are mad at us and took away our power...I blame Shana Molto and her Star Trek memes from this morning lol

  25. Gotta Han it to Heathrow, they're feeling the force on May 4th https://t.co/de9JCFhmuc

  26. First thing is ... ok i'm ashamed to admit it, i have Last of us sitting on my hard drive nearly 2 years and not pl… https://t.co/I58NfTvxuO

  27. RT @videogamedeals: Follow & Retweet for a Chance to Win 1 of 5 Copies of Killing Floor: Incursion (PS VR, North America) by @TripwireInt.…

  28. RT @DestinyTheGame: A new threat emerges on Mars as an ancient Hive army claws its way to the planet's surface. https://t.co/D3BrGqwBIx

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