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  2. I'm back playing wot after a long break. Looking for an invite. Thanks.
  3. I haven't been around for quite awhile, but here's a thing that happened during that time - My wheelchair bound son was able to WALK across the stage to receive his diploma!! https://www.facebook.com/JamesNolan21/posts/pfbid02EVatUcetvuTV3BiiM3QiDhqHpwxUQ5WaXUtCVR6GdFvwk2McaMQNLVEKMUhAviMWl
  4. heya, sorry was away for 2 weeks... also, once a DHO always a DHO... welcome back! invite sent
  5. Hey, I'm a DHO member from way back (I joined in 2012) and I just picked WoT up again after a very long time. I'm having fun in it again and planning to play for a long time so I thought I'd apply to join a division and find some people to hangout and play with (and maybe learn from). My Win8 and win percentages are currently in sharp decline as I have a lot to relearn and catch up on, but hope to turn that around soon and I can contribute at some point. -Greg
  6. It would apear that I have missed the time limit do to my PC dying and needing to build a new one. Any chance I can get another one? Sorry. Delightful! Once the new PC is built, I'll be on.
  7. Delightful! Once the new PC is built, I'll be on.
  8. invite sent... welcome back!
  9. Hello all, Name is Godfrey9 and I was a DHO member several years ago. Life has let me get back into gaming and World of Tanks to be specific. Hope to get back in with this group of Dads again and have some good laughs.
  10. Hello everyone, I stopped playing a while back, and I am now back. Would appreciate if I could receive an invite on the NA server, so I can join up again. Thank you
  11. Not Dead, what would you like to see on the website?
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