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  • Use the listing below to find the DHO Clan for you!

    What is an Offical DHO Clan?

    An Offical DHO Clan is a trusted place for DHO members to join and game with other dads.

    Official DHO Clans must meet the following requirements:

    1. Membership is exclusively dads
    2. Leader / Custodian of the Clan is a DHO Member
    3. Clan highly encourages members to register on dadshidout.com and to use the Offical DHO Discord Server

    What is a Partner DHO Clan?

    A Partner DHO Clan is a clan that does not meet the above requirements As it would be logistically (and often legally) impossible for the volunteer Admins and Moderators of dadshideout.com to control and manage every DHO related clan. Dadshideout.com instead links to other clans to help dads find the type of gaming environment they seek.

    Partner DHO Clans meet the following requirements:

    1. Contains significant percentage of dads/fathers or contains DHO members
    2. Helps connect DHO members with other fathers to game with
    3. Encourages "non-childish" behavior in the clan 

    As you can see these requirements are pretty broad. A partner clan is not "controlled" by DHO; they may not be lead by a DHO member!  It is not a requirement for DHO Partner Clans have clan membership be exclusive to dads; you may find non-dads in a Partner Clan. If you feel that a partner clan does not belong on this list (they are rude, overrun with annoying kids, no DHO members to be seen at all) let dadshideout.com know.   


  • Click the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to select your gaming platform - PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Mobile or Other. Official DHO Clans are listed first in alphabetical order by game, then by name. Partner Clans are then listed in the same way.  If you have any issues message @DHO Ambassador for assistance.

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