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MSF Beginner Legendary Farming Guide




MSF Beginner Legendary Farming Guide
Last Updated: June 2020

Section 1 - Introduction

Hi everyone, I'm Voltagesauce. You might have seen my beginners guide I posted last week. If not, and you're a beginner looking for a guide, here is the link:


One of the topics that came up in Reddit comments was wanting more details on how to go get legendaries. The legendaries can be confusing for new players since it is not clearly explained how they work in the game. This guide will cover some of the basics of legendaries and how to farm for them.

EDIT: I also decided to create a discord server for beginners (or anyone) that wants to ask questions or talk about the game. I'd love for you to stop by:


Section 2 - Disclaimers

  • I only have two legendaries - Starlord and Invisible Women. This guide is just supposed to be the basics. For how to use the legendaries, I want to give a shout out to u/FullMetalCos because he has some really solid guides on Reddit for using each legendary. UPDATE: I now have all the legendaries available currently.
  • This guide is mostly focused on farming for legendary requirements and not power level. Even if you have the required characters at the right level, you still have to win the fight to unlock the legendary. There are really good graphics with minimum power levels you need for each legendary. For example, Khasino has good ones.
  • There is a datamine that Ironman will be introduced as a permanent event in the Events section, and will be able to be unlocked at 3* instead of 5. Datamines are subject to change, so we will assume 5* unlock for the purpose of this guide.

Section 3 - Intro to Legendaries

Legendaries are characters that are only available during their specific event and require 5 characters with certain tags at 5* (with the exception of Phoenix who requires 5 characters at 6*). I will go over each of the legendaries requirements and where to farm them.

It is unknown when these events will be available, so it is best to plan ahead. Each event is normally announced a week or two before it begins, which is generally not enough time to farm the characters you need. In general, the events for each character are 2-4 months apart. My recommendation is to farm on your schedule for the legendary you want and not try to farm based on the estimated game schedule. You may be pleasantly surprised when the character you want and have farmed for comes earlier than expected. There are times it might make sense to finish a farm to meet the games schedule as well, but in general I think it's a good idea to farm for the legendary you want next.

With a few exceptions (like defenders), teams really need a legendary character to enable them to go from mediocre non-meta teams to the top meta teams in the game.

In general, legendaries have powerful abilities and stats, but a main reason they make the teams so powerful is because they have what are called "leadership abilities". These abilities are typically in their passive and significantly boost their allies. I will cover these in each of the legendaries individual sections.

Section 4 - Legendary Farming Basics

The requirements for each legendary are different, so the difficulty to farm for each character varies a lot. This section covers the different ways characters can be farmed and the difficulty associated with that farming method.

Blitz - Mostly people consider characters in the blitz store to be the easiest to get. There are the most blitz credits available compared to other modes, all the toons are available in the store at any given time, and they are the cheapest. All the characters available in the blitz store that are requirements for legendaries are good targets.

Campaign - Other characters are only available in campaign nodes. So the main resource to farm these characters is energy, but it's a slow farm because you are limited 5 attempts each day (or use cores for more attempts). Some characters have multiple nodes, which can speed up the farming. The numbers i have seen thrown around the internet as generally accepted farming numbers are 2.5 shards per 5 attempts (2.5 per node per day).

Arena - It depends on how you are doing in arena whether farming arena or nodes is a faster farm. In my experience arena is a faster farm. If you just complete your daily objectives then you can get 5 shards every day. Any more than that and you are farming faster than a node. However, you can only farm one character at a time and you can farm a bunch of nodes at a time.

Raid - Characters in the raid store can be fairly hard to farm. They are more expensive than blitz and arena and only 3 characters show in the store at one time. This can be a major hold up for certain legendary requirements. I prefer to avoid relying on these characters if possible.

Alliance War - I believe most people agree that the war store is the hardest to farm. This may change with the most recent update when all since war league's start. It sounds like more resources will be available. Only 3 characters are available at anytime and they are more expensive than blitz or arena shards.

Section 5 - Ironman


Requirements - Shield Characters

  • Shield Security (Arena Store or Heroes 3-6)
  • Captain America (Heroes 6-9 or Nexus 5-9)
  • Shield Trooper (Raid Store or Villains 4-3)
  • Shield Operative (War Store or Heroes Assemble)
  • Shield Medic (Heroes 2-3 or Villains 1-6)
  • Shield Assault (Nexus 2-3)
  • Hawkeye (Heroes 6-6 or Villains 1-9)
  • Quake (Arena Store)
  • Black Widow (Unfarmable)
  • Nick Fury (Legendary Event)
  • Agent Coulson (Milestone Orbs Only)

Primary Modes: Alliance War Offense, Blitz

Primary team: Power Armor

Leadership Ability: None except for a little added synergy with War Machine

Farming Advice: There are more good options than bad options for this event. I would recommend avoiding Shield Assault because of only one node, and Shield Operative because you probably do not want to be spending your war credits on her. However, at this point in the game, the shield minions see the most play, so it could make sense to prioritize some of them if possible.

Ironman has a lot of characters that fulfill the requirements to unlock him. Who you choose to farm may come down to who you pull from your random orbs. Ironman is considered one of the weakest legendaries and doesn't provide much value outside of alliance war at this time. However, when you unlock Nick Fury you will want to use him with shield minions so you may be able to unlock IM while powering then up. As mentioned in the disclaimer, this event may become a permanent event and Ironman will be able to be unlocked with five 3* shield characters instead of five 5* shield characters. This would make him the easiest legendary to farm. UPDATE: Ironman's event has become a permanent event and the requirements were made easier as expected. I left him in the guide, but he is not really considered a legendary anymore.

Section 6 - Starlord


Requirements - Five 5* Guardians or Ravager Characters

  • Groot (Nexus 2-9)
  • Rocket Racoon (Raid Store)
  • Drax (Arena Store)
  • Gamora (Blitz Store)
  • Mantis (Blitz Store)
  • Ravager Boomer (Blitz Store)
  • Yondu (Heroes 1-9)
  • Ravager Stitcher (Raid Store)
  • Ravager Bruiser (Heroes 4-6)

Primary Modes: Arena, Raids, Fear the Darkness (DD2), Alliance War, Blitz

AUGUST UPDATE: U6 Raids, DD1, Alliance War, Blitz

Primary team: Guardians or Technerva

Leadership Ability: Guardian Allies gain +30% damage and +20% speed. Also, generate 1-2 ability energy to guardian allies

Farming Advice: Similar to Ironman there are a lot of potential options for Starlord, but most are not farmable in multiple locations. However, a great place to farm for starlord is through the Blitz Orb. Mantis, Gamora and Ravager Boomer are all available in the Blitz store. Groot is a fairly difficult farm with only one node, but he is one of the top characters in the game. Drax is a good option in the arena store. Rocket is a pretty RNG reliant character to farm because he is in the Raid store, but if possible he is one of the best blasters in the game. The nice thing about farming for Starlord is you can “passively” farm many of these characters while farming the Defenders nodes.

Starlord is one of the most useful characters in the game and enables some of the Guardians (mostly Groot and Rocket) to become some of the best characters in the game. With three of the required characters in the Blitz store it is fairly easy to get them all to 5* over a short amount of time. It is also pretty easy to farm for other purposes while farming for Starlord because only Groot or Yondu are farmed from campaign nodes. For example, farming for the Defenders and Starlord do not overlap. One of the best parts about the requirements for Starlord is that you use many of the same team members with Starlord as you use to unlock him. He is the only legendary with that benefit.

AUGUST EDIT: Starlord is still a very good character, but many players are finding trouble finding places to use him because of all the newer stronger characters that have been introduced to the game. He is no longer one of the most useful characters in the game. He can be a good option with the other guardians for Dark Dimension 1. He can also be a good option with Minnerva for Dark Dimension 2, but he is not "essential" like he used to be.


Section 7 - Nick Fury


Requirements - Five 5* Kree Minions

  • Kree Noble (Cosmic 1-6) UPDATE: Noble's 2nd node was removed recently
  • Kree Cyborg (Nexus 3-6 and Cosmic 2-3)
  • Kree Reaper (Heroes 5-6 and Cosmic 2-6)
  • Kree Royal Guard (Blitz Store)
  • Kree Oracle (Raid Store)

Primary Modes: Arena, Raids, Fear the Darkness (DD2), Alliance War, Blitz

AUGUST UPDATE: Alliance War, Blitz

Primary team: Fury Shield

Leadership Ability: On Spawn, grant Speed Up to all shield minions. On Turn, 50% to grant Speed Up to Shield minions. Grant offense up to shield minions on assists. Shield minions gain +10% armor and +30% resistance.

Farming Advice: There are only five available characters for unlocking Fury. It is important to remember that it is only the kree minions and not any kree that can be used for the unlock. Kree Noble is a little harder than the others because you have to make progress into the Mystic Campaign. Kree Oracle is the other tough farm because of the RNG of the raid store.

Similar to Starlord, Fury is a very versatile character and makes the Fury Shield team one of the best in all modes of the game. A lot of people recommend farming for Nick Fury after the Defenders because they will help you progress in the Villains and Cosmic Campaigns. One downside of farming for Fury is that you also have to farm the shield minions for Fury to be super useful after you unlock him. So you essentially have to farm two teams instead of one (shield and kree), which can be difficult because they both require farming lots of campaign nodes.

AUGUST UPDATE: Fury and the shield team have become fairly one dimensional. They are primarily only used on war defense with Nick Fury and Coulson. He is still a strong character and makes the shield team much better, but overall has become less of a priority to farm for.


Section 8 - Magneto


Requirements - Five 5* Brotherhood or X-Men Characters

  • Pyro (War Store)
  • Sabretooth (Raid Store)
  • Juggernaut (Arena Store)
  • Mystique (Villains 5-6)
  • Storm (Mystic 2-3)
  • Wolverine (Daily Objectives)
  • Colossus (Unfarmable)
  • Psylocke (Cosmic 3-6) UPDATE: Psylocke got added to a node recently
  • Phoenix (Legendary Event)
  • Toad (Blitz Store)
  • Blob (Arena Store)

Primary Modes: Arena, Fear the Darkness (with Jugg), Alliance War Attack, Blitz

Primary team: Brotherhood/Brotherhood 2.0

Leadership Ability: On enemy Crit, apply Speed Up to all Brotherhood allies. Brotherhood allies gain +50% Focus and +30% Max Health. Also, when Juggernaut is an ally, Juggernaut gets +20% speed bar whenever he is attacked.

Farming Advice: There are currently only six options for farming Magneto. Wolverine is considered a “gimme” because he is the daily login calendar and most people’s most farmed character. Juggernaut is the only other easy farm because he is in the arena store. Storm is a hard farm because her node is almost half through the Mystic Campaign.

Currently, Magneto is a hard unlock because there are only 6 options and 4 of them are hard farms. Pyro is essential to the Brotherhood team, so it might be worth using War Credits on him. Magneto can pair with Juggernaut and be used in many teams, and together make up one of the best attacking teams in the game for Arena or War. The Brotherhood team does not have much healing/sustain, so it is not recommended to farm for Magneto if you are looking for a better raid team.

AUGUST EDIT: Of the first 3 legendaries (SL, Fury, Mags), Magneto has become the one with the most uses. Primarily because the Brotherhood 2.0 was introduced with Blob and Toad. They are considered one of the top Alliance War Attack teams and can also be useful in early Arena shards. Magneto is also pretty easy to unlock now because there are a lot of options for the unlock.


Section 9 - Shuri


Requirements - Five 5* Spiderverse Characters

  • Spiderman (Blitz Store)
  • Spiderman (Miles) (Blitz Store)
  • Venom (Nexus 6-9)
  • Carnage (War Store)
  • Rhino (Blitz Store)
  • Mysterio (Raid Store)
  • Green Goblin (Nexus 5-6)
  • Shocker (Cosmic 1-9)
  • Vulture (Arena Store)
  • Symbiote Spiderman (unfarmable)

Primary Modes: Raids, Alliance War, Blitz

AUGUST UPDATE: Raids, Alliance War, Dark Dimension 2/3, Blitz

Primary team: Wakandan, Tech Hybrid

Leadership Ability: On Spawn, apply Speed Up to all Wakandan Allies. In Raids, all Wakandan allies gain +40% Max Health and +20% Armor. In Raids, when any Wakandan ally drops below 50% health, gain 3 Deflect.

Farming Advice: With the addition of the Sinister Six characters to the game, there are many options that are fairly easy to farm. Carnage is the only character that I would recommend to avoid farming for this event. Additionally, the Sinister Six make a really good option for efficiency because Invisible Women requires five 5* Sinister Six characters. So you can unlock two legendaries with the same five characters.

Shuri has a really powerful kit that works well on lots of different teams, but she has not made her way into many top meta teams yet. For most people, Shuri is not a priority legendary to farm compared to Starlord, Nick Fury, Magneto and Phoenix. Farming for her got a lot easier with the addition of the Sinister Six characters, so as more people unlock her I would expect more theorycrafting to occur. UPDATE: Shuri has become a highly recommended character for U7 raids because of her defense up and heal.

AUGUST UPDATE: Shuri is now considering one of the most vital characters for U7 raids. She is also very useful for Dark Dimension 3. Most people use her outside of the Wakandan team. She should now be considered a priority legendary to farm for.

Section 10 - Phoenix


Requirements - Five 6* Villain Mystic Controller Characters

  • Nobu (Villains 6-3)
  • Ronan (Raid Store)
  • Mordo (Arena Store)
  • Loki (Mystic 3-6)
  • Hand Assassin (Nexus 7-6)
  • Hela (Villains 7-6)

Primary Modes: Arena, Alliance War Attack, Blitz, Raids (highly debated)
AUGUST EDIT: Arena, Alliance War Attack, Blitz, Raids (highly debated), Dark Dimension 3

Primary team: X-Men

Leadership Ability: X-Men allies gain +30% Damage and +30% Max Health. Also, when Colossus is an ally - On Spawn, Colossus gains Defense Up for 2 turns and all X-Men allies gain Defense Up.

Farming Advice: This is by far the hardest legendary event to farm for. Mordo is the only easy farm, but still takes commitment to get to 6*. Loki is toward the end of the Mystic Campaign and one of the hardest campaign nodes to 3*. Additionally, Nobu and Hand Assassin and not used in many other game modes at this time.

Phoenix is being called one of the best characters in the game not named Ultron, but she is very hard for new players to farm towards. She is pretty much a requirement to be competitive in older arena shards and is part of the best attacking team in Alliance War. As a beginner, this is a legendary to keep in the back of your mind, but not likely one that you could unlock early on. UPDATE: Phoenix is popular as a option for hard U7 nodes.

AUGUST EDIT: Phoenix is also considered almost essential for Dark Dimension 3. She is still considered one of the top characters in the game.

Section 11 - Invisible Women


Requirements - Five 5* Sinister Six Characters

  • Rhino (Blitz Store)
  • Mysterio (Raid Store)
  • Green Goblin (Nexus 5-6)
  • Shocker (Cosmic 1-9)
  • Vulture (Arena Store)

Primary Modes: Unsure because she is brand new to the game, but most likely Alliance War Attack and Blitz. UPDATE: She also sees play in Arena and Raids

Primary team: Fantastic Four

Leadership Ability: When an enemy attacks a Fantastic Four ally with Barrier, attack that enemy for +250% Damage. Fantastic Four and Namor allies gain +20% Max Health.

Farming Advice: As I mentioned in the Shuri section, these five characters can be used to unlock two legendary characters. Mysterio, Green Goblin, and Shocker are not the easiest farms, but it is efficient to farm them for the double legendary unlock.

We don’t know much about Invisible Women yet since she just got released to the game this week. She is being advertised as being a part of one of the top Alliance War attack teams. It is tough to say how to prioritize unlocking her until she gets more play. The Fantastic Four are also being advertised as a versatile team, so they may be able to see play in other games modes by replacing Namor with other characters. I plan to add more information here later. UPDATE: IW has seen a lot of play since being released. She has made it into a lot of high level arena teams and she is highly recommended for U7 raids. Her ability to cleanse and apply offense down to all the enemies is extremely powerful.

AUGUST EDIT: Invisible Women has a ton of utility and can be useful in many different modes. She is not essential for any modes, but can be a great option to have.

Section 12 - Black Bolt


Requirements - Five 5* Asgardian Characters

  • Loki (Mystic 3-6)
  • Thor (Raid Store)
  • Sif (War Store)
  • Hela (Villains 7-6)
  • Heimdall (Arena Store)

Primary Modes: Unsure because he is brand new to the game, but it sounds like he will be an amazing overall character. FoxNext is saying he will be used in Arena. They also said they will be a strong attacking team in war. Players have also been having success with him in U7 raids.

Primary team: Inhumans

Leadership Ability: Inhuman allies gain +40% Resistance and +50% Max Health.

Farming Advice: Black Bolt is not currently attainable by farming. He is only possible through purchasing offers. UPDATE: All the Asgardians are now farmable. Hela's node is hard to get to because of the node restrictions. First, players must beat Heroes 7-1 with a Hero City team. Then, players must be Villains 7-1 to 7-3 with Hydra, S6, or AIM (Hydra with Red Skull or AIM is recommended). Finally, VIllains 7-4 to 7-6 requires Villain Mystics.

Black Bolt is still new, but he appears to be one of the strongest characters in the game. He is a direct counter to some of the other top characters in the game (Ultron and Minnerva). The Inhumans are expected to be one of the top arena teams, but this has not been confirmed. Crystal and Karnak have not be released at the time of writing this update. UPDATE: With Yo-yo, Black Bolt appears to be one of the most useful characters in the game. The duo is used heavily in Arena and U7.

AUGUST EDIT: Black Bolt is arguably the most useful character in the game and I highly recommend working toward unlocking him as soon as possible.

Section 13 - Ebony Maw

UPDATE: Adding maw to the guide


Requirements - 5* Black Bolt and 4 other Inhumans at 5*

  • Black Bolt (Legendary Event)
  • Crystal (Arena Store)
  • Quake (Arena Store)
  • Karnak (Nexus 8-6)
  • Yoyo (Premium Orbs Exclusive)
  • Ms Marvel (Mystic 2-6)

Primary Modes: Maw is still the newest legendary, but appears to be awesome in a bunch of modes. He is pretty much an arena staple and has some use in Ultimus 7 raids. Black Order is also one of the top alliance war teams.
AUGUST EDIT: Arena, Raids, Dark Dimension 3, Alliance War, Blitz

Primary Team: Black Order

Leadership Ability: Maw completes Thanos being empowered at the start of a match. The whole team gets bonuses to stats from each of their passives.

Farming Advice: Black Bolt is required for the Maw unlock, so read section 12 for obtaining Black Bolt. Also, yoyo is a premium orb exclusive character, so she is hard to farm to 5* without spending. For most players they will be using Crystal, Quake, Karnak and Ms Marvel to unlock maw.

AUGUST EDIT: Maw has lived up to the hype and is considered a top character in the game. He has uses outside of the full Black Order Team and is extremely powerful for Dark Dimension 3. He is a very powerful character for arena, raids, dark dimension and war.

Section 14 - Doctor Octopus

AUGUST EDIT: Doctor Octopus has been introduced as the next legendary coming to the game. He will require 5 X-Force members at 5* to unlock. Only Cable and Deadpool are currently farmable and there is no information on when the other three will be farmable. See the dev blog for the latest info: https://www.marvelstrikeforce.com/en/updates/blog-update-7-24

Information about his kit or what modes he will be useful for is not available at this time.

Section 15 - Farming Math

AUGUST EDIT: Some of the stores have changed, so the math is slightly different. For update numbers, please visit the beginner discord: https://discord.gg/bKAFnJn

Similar to my first beginner’s guide post, I want to throw out some math so you have some context when you make decisions about farming for legendaries. Some people want to collect all of the legendaries and some might just want to focus on specific characters they’re interested in. This section will cover each resource and the different options for how to use it.

Blitz Credits - For farming characters, the options are the Blitz orb for 350 credits or individual character shards for 500 credits (minions are 400). You would be able to generate more Blitz credits than this, but I am going to estimate that players can generate about 8,180 credits a week or about 1,170 credits a day from completing all of the milestones. With those assumptions, you could farm an individual blitz character 2.34 times a day or 11.7 shards a day. If you were focused on farming for a certain legendary you could get an individual character from the Blitz Store from 0 shards to 5* in about 27 days. To get all 15 characters to 5* would take approximately 405 days.

If you were to use those same credits for buying blitz orbs you would expect to buy 3.34 orbs per day or average about 1.1 shards of each character per day (assuming 15 characters). So to get all Blitz Store characters from 0 shards to 5* would take about 278 days. This is about 45% faster than through individual character shard purchases.

Overall, I think there are a few takeaways from this math. Buying orbs is by far the best value over the long term and this is the approach I have taken because we don’t know which characters will be useful later (different events or buffs). On the other hand, it is significantly faster to farm for individual characters if you are really looking to get one legendary at a certain star level. One simple way to look at it would be to decide how many characters in the blitz store are useful to you. If it is 10 or more then buy orbs. If it is 9 or less, buying the individual character shards would be faster.

Two final comments I want to make about farming Blitz: First, I want to reiterate that these numbers are very conservative. You will be earning more Blitz Orbs and Blitz Credits by playing Blitz and earning the character shards from other orbs. I have been playing for around 135 days and have all the Blitz characters except Rescue (just added) at 5 stars. A few are at or close to 6*. Which brings me to my next point - these numbers are all just averages. RNG will make it so all your characters are not equal.

Campaign - There is not too much to say about farming character shards from Campaign nodes. A general rule of thumb I have seen is 2.5 shards per day, per node (5 attempts). Additionally, it seems generally accepted that it is the same drop rate no matter what the energy cost is. So the higher the energy cost, the harder the node is to farm. Something to keep in mind, is that some characters have 2 nodes to farm, so this could be seen as approximately 5 shards per day (10 attempts). One benefit of farming campaign nodes is that you can farm many characters at any given period. Also, you can use cores to refresh the nodes if you really want to farm certain characters. The other resources are not like this. If you don’t have Blitz/Arena/Raid Credits then you farm the characters.

Arena Credits - As of now, the only way to use Arena credits is to buy individual character shards or buy Kingpin’s Vault orbs. Kingpin’s Vault orbs do not help unlock any legendary characters, so the best way to farm for legendary characters is to prioritize which characters to farm. As I mentioned above, my recommendation would be to farm for the characters you want and not by the expected order of the events. A potential farming path from the arena store could be Daredevil (for Defenders) -> Drax (for Starlord) -> Juggernaut (for Magneto) -> Quake and/or Shield Security (for Ironman) -> Mordo (for Phoenix). Depending on how Invisible Women and the Fantastic Four develop than Vulture should be included in this order. For example, I farmed Vulture after Juggernaut . It is hard to estimate how fast a farm the Arena store will be because it depends on where you are finishing in Arena. But it should be at least 2.5 shards a day at a bare minimum if you are doing the daily objectives. If you are doing well in arena, this could be between 10-15 shards a day.

Raid Credits - The math for Raid is going to be similar to Blitz. There are currently two ways to farm characters in the raid store - 900 for Raid Orbs or 1400 for individual character shards. It is challenging to come up with an estimation for the amount of raid credits a beginner would have. It really depends on what raids your alliance is running and how many nodes you can complete. To keep it fairly simple, I am going to choose 10,000 raid credits a week or 1429 credits a day. This would be from the raid rewards, completing a few nodes each raid, and the Raid Milestones. I think this will seem a lot to some people and not enough for others, but hopefully it is a decent middle ground to get a feel for the numbers.

One thing to remember about buying individual character shards from the Raid Store is that only 3 characters show up at any given time, so it can significantly slow down the farm if RNG is not in your favor. With 14 characters in the Raid Store it is estimated that a particular character would show up in the store between 4 to 5 times a week.

With the assumption that 1429 credits are generated a day, that is about 5.1 shards a day. But when we factor in the RNG of the store this is lowered to approximately 3.2 shards per day. So, to farm a character from 0 shards to 5* would take about 96 days. With 14 characters in the raid store, that would be 1,344 days to get all the characters to 5*. One thing to keep in mind is that you would not be able to use all of your raid credits for this one character, so buying a different character or Raid Orbs would be an option. This would speed up the total time to farm all the characters.

With 14 characters the number of shards of each individual character per Raid Orb is about .64. Using the 1429 Raid credits to buy orbs would generate about 1.02 shards per day for each character. So to take all the characters from 0 shards to 5* would take about 304 days. This is about 23% as fast than if you buy individual character shards for all the characters.

I think the takeaways are similar to the Blitz Orb except that there are 4 more character shards per orb, so there is some difference. A general rule of thumb for Raid orbs would be that if you are interested in 3 or more characters then buy orbs. If you are only interested in 2 or 1 characters then buy them individually.

War Credits - As I am writing this, the new alliance war leagues are coming into the game, so it will be hard to gauge how many war credits each person will generate a week. Using the old system, 4500 credits a week is reasonable (50% War win rate). This would be a little over 3 purchases a week or 2.33 a day. With this old reward system, this is a very hard farm. However, Pyro is currently the main character to be farming from the store for a legendary, so it is not a major bottleneck for unlocking legendaries. UPDATE: Alliance War Leagues were added to the game and the rewards were dramatically increased for alliances that are able to get promoted. It is hard to estimate the number of credits being generated now since it depends on the alliance league rank. The old rewards are the same as the lowest tier in the new system, so the rewards have gotten a lot better.

Section 16 - Conclusions

Hopefully this guide gives you the basics for farming all the available legendary characters. As expected, legendaries make up some of the top characters in the game, and make their teams competitive, so it is absolutely worth prioritizing farming for them. I would recommend focusing on Starlord, Nick Fury, and/or Magneto first. Although, if the datamine is true, then Ironman will likely be people’s first legendary. At some point, Phoenix will likely be essential to be competitive in Arena. People are still learning a lot about Shuri, and we will be learning a lot about Invisible Women in the next few weeks, but as a beginner it is good to focus on the characters that are known to be game-changing.

It is unknown when each legendary event will be available. My recommendation would be to farm for the legendary you know you want to get first, and not just farm based on an estimated legendary rotation. The legendary events schedule is unpredictable on purpose to keep players guessing and to get them to “panic spend” money on the game. Planning ahead is the best way to avoid that scenario.

Last, the goal with showing off some of the math is to give beginner’s an idea of how long it will take to get to 5*, and to help give context to the decisions to farm individual character shards or buy the orbs. There is definitely a trade off between speed and value, and that is everyone’s own decision to make. As I said in my first beginner’s guide, there is no right way to play this game. Have fun and play the way you want to.

AUGUST EDIT: With the introduction of new teams and new legendaries, I don't necessarily recommend working toward Starlord, Nick Fury, and/or Magneto first. They aren't as game changing in arena, raids and dark dimensions as they used to be. Shuri, Invisible Women, and Black Bolt have a lot more usefulness in the current game meta.


If you have any follow-up questions or just want to talk about the guide, come stop by the new discord server for beginners. We also keep a channel for Estimated Legendary Events:




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I am very impressed with the effort, and I'm glad DadsHideout.com is able to be a platform for this advice.

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I just started this game - needed someone to do in quarantine - if anyone is new and wants to look into a guild (or whatever they are call in this game) hit me up

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Great helpful guide. 

I use all my bliitz credits to buy war supplies. Is that correct?

I never have enough to buy shards or blitz orbs.

In the beginning I did, but not now. 

Is that how it works. 

Maybe add that. 


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Would love to see an update for this going into 2022 with all the new characters and updates. Also, the link for the Discord link is expired.

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