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Tips for Firewall Zero Hour, Operation: Nightfall, Part 7



Tips for Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall, Part Seven

     Here we go with the week 6 operations for Operation: Nightfall, season 1. Let’s jump in.

Free Operation – Week 6


1.)    Eliminate 4 players with a headshot using the holo sight attachment – must be done in the public contracts. The holo sight attachment is the primary sight 2 attachment. Unlocked at level 16. Just remember to equip this sight attachment and play some public contracts.

2.)    Eliminate 2 players by blind-firing – must be done in the public contracts. This task is not very sensitive because I was not even purposely doing blind fires and I got credited for this. Blind fire should be when you hold your weapon out, away from you and fire down a hall, out a door or out of a window.

3.)    Get 8 mutli-eliminations by killing more than one player at a time using any SMG – must be done in public contracts. I find most of my multi-eliminations is when you get kills without reloading. Helps when you happen around the corner and find two people. Down them both and then toss a grenade in there quick. It’s tough to get but as long as you have an SMG equipped, you will eventually get this. Much easier on smaller maps too, like Shoothouse.

4.)    Eliminate 4 players with a headshot, using any SMG – must be done in public contracts. Just have to get headshots with SMG, and you should be aiming for a headshot anyway.

5.)    Eliminate 16 players as Meiko (Contractor) – must be done in public contracts. Remember to use Meiko. Meiko has the Ninja perk which makes her quiet while sprinting, not showing up on enemy radar.

     For completing the Free Operation for week 6, you will unlock the Raptor SMG.

Premium Operation – Week 6


1.)    Eliminate 8 players using C4 – must be done in public contracts. Difficult to get. Definitely will help if you purchased the Node contractor who has the Afterlife skill allowing him to detonate C4 after death. Easiest on defense, and if you have the door blocker. You have to time it correctly and remember you have to hold that L1 button for a few seconds to detonate your C4. You must eliminate them, this will not count if you place C4 by a downed opponent.

2.)    Execute 4 downed players using explosives -  must be done in public contracts. Down enemies and then just throw a grenade. You just have to kill enemies that are downed. You can use C4 or any grenades.

3.)    Get 4 multi-eliminations by eliminating more than one player at a time with explosions – must be done in public contracts. You can use any grenade or C4 or grenade launcher. Impact grenades are the weakest grenades, so best to try your luck with regular frag grenades or sticky. Remember that the contractor Red can get one extra frag grenade or you can equip the Bang Bang skill on your favorite contractor.

4.)    Eliminate 4 players using frag grenades – must be done in public contracts. You could easily work on this while attempting the third task using frag grenades.

5.)    Eliminate 4 players using impact grenades – must be done in public contracts. Impact grenades are the weakest grenades, so it is easier if you get a few bullets into your target first and then hit them with an impact grenade. Unless you hit someone right on, you will not kill an enemy with an impact grenade if they are at 100% health and it just hits near them.

     For completing the Premium Operation for week 6 and having the Ops Pass purchased, you will unlock the Falling Star trinket across all contractors and all guns.

Bonus Operation – Week 6

Coming soon - I haven't unlocked this operation yet.




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