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Tips for Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall, Part One



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Tips for Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall, Part One

With the latest dashboard update to Firewall Zero Hour (FZH), First Contact Entertainment (FCE) has added a lot of new features that many gamers are not aware of, or are bypassing altogether. Have no fear, I am here to help you make sense of the new dashboard and features.

Daily Tasks


     The biggest change you are going to notice is that FCE has changed how challenges are played. Before they were hidden only on the main menu, and they were simply a constant that you could do to gain additional XP and crypto (FZH’s in-game currency). You now you have two ways to earn additional XP and crypto, and the old challenge system has been completely eliminated. The first is from your daily missions. Located in the upper left corner of the dash, you can click on this to display up to three missions. You will acquire one new mission a day and retain three at a time. There is no time limit for you to complete these missions. Most important however is that in the bottom right of the daily mission screen is a “refresh” button. You can click on this button, once a day, to rotate out your oldest mission for a new one (e.g. you are level 5 and you have a daily mission you never completed for kills with a G6. A long range assault rifle which you won’t unlock until you are level 36. You can click the “refresh” button and this mission will get deleted, being replaced on the bottom with a brand new mission). Your oldest mission will be the top most one, and your newest will be the bottom. You cannot choose which mission will be recycled so be sure that the top most mission is one that you cannot complete and want to skip. If not, you will have to wait to skip your hardest mission until it is on the top. So don’t get a new mission and immediately click the “refresh” button as you may accidentally delete a mission you could have completed. Should you have three daily tasks stored up and you finish one, you will find that you immediately get a new daily task. You can then use the refresh button if your new oldest task is impossible and you have not yet used it for that day.



     Next is the operations tab. This can be found as the fourth tab over from the left on the dashboard. As of the time of writing this article, we are in week four of the operations with a planned twelve week season. Although a new operation is out each week, you have an unlimited time to finish them. A new operation week is unveiled every Tuesday. To finish an operation, you must simply complete the task described. You may have to get so many headshots with a certain weapon or with certain attachments. You may have to complete so many contracts, or find so many intel folders. Each weekly operation has three types: Free, Premium, & Bonus. Each operation generally has four to six tasks to complete in order to finish the entire operation. Once you finish an individual task, you will get a bonus of crypto and experience points. If you complete the entire operation, you will be given a reward that may be a new skin, weapon, or trinket. To get the free operation unlock, you simply must complete the operation. However, in order to get the premium operation reward, you must have purchased the FZH season pass for ten dollars ($10) from the Playstation Store. Without purchasing the season pass, you can still earn the crypto and experience points for each completed task, you just cannot earn the final premium operation reward.  You also will not be able to decrypt the final bonus operation. At the start, every free and premium operation is unveiled to the player. You can simultaneously work on the free week one operation while working on the premium week three operation. You cannot work on multiple bonus operations at once. In order to decrypt the bonus operation, you must have completed both the free and premium operation, as well as the previous week’s bonus operation. So for week one, you simply must have the free and premium operations completed. For week two however, you must have week two’s free and premium operation completed, AS WELL AS, week one’s bonus operation. So each week’s previous bonus operation must be completed before moving on to the next week’s. If you complete the operations and then choose to purchase the season pass, rest assured that all your progress is stored and you will immediately get the unlocks you have earned from completing operations such as skins and weapons.

Hack keys


     A bundle of five hack keys may be purchased from the Playstation Store for five dollars ($5), or you may purchase the season pass as well as twenty-five hack keys for thirty dollars ($30). You can only purchase hack keys, and there is no way to earn hack keys in-game. A single hack key will complete an entire operation, not just a single task. When you use a hack key, you will get the crypto currency for each mission you did not previously complete on your own, but you will not get the experience. Some people may prefer to do the tasks they feel they can complete before using a hack key to get the extra experience, and some may feel that they would not want to waste time on tasks they are going to bypass anyway with a hack key. The choice is yours, I am just here to make you aware of the consequences. You will get the reward of a completed operation when you use a hack key.

New contractor: Ruby

     If you choose to purchase the season pass, you will also be awarded with a new contractor, Ruby, and her skill, thief. The thief skill allows you to take crypto currency from deceased enemy players. This skill is permanently assigned to Ruby and may be assigned to another contractor as their elective skill. With thief, you will randomly get an amount of crypto from enemy corpses, and depending on the amount, is how long it will take you to collect the amount. If you stop pushing “X” during collection, your contractor will end the collection process with a partial amount and you cannot go back to loot the corpse again. I have found that one corpse will give you around two hundred fifty crypto, while another will give you around one hundred eighty and they will take very long to acquire. The other two will generally give you a combined one hundred fifty and is very quick to steal from. This skill is best used when you do not have a lot of crypto as you can see that the amounts can quickly add some substance to your dwindling bank account. It is also a skill best used as attacker because if two or more of your team remain alive, you can easily run around to rob corpses while the rest of your team takes care of the laptop hack. This is a valuable skill to acquire all the expensive gear, but it is also a difficult one to remember to do in the heat of battles. It took me many attempts of going into a game with this skill before I remembered to rob the deceased. Be aware that this skill cannot be used in single player games, only public contracts.

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I love it! I might need to make a new blog section - Gaming with dad or some such - and let you guys go wild with game reviews, game tips and the like!  With all the experience the dads on DHO have, it would be awesome to give it a platform to reach the world!

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